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IMG_1480 copyI have a question for you guys. What format do you shoot your photographs in? Up until recently, I had only being using JPEG. Truth be told, I didn’t know that there were any other options. Then one day, I had some free time and I decided to watch over an hour in YouTube tutorials on Canon cameras. That’s when I heard about a little something called RAW format. What is this RAW, I thought? And why are professional photographers swearing by it?

I put it in the back of my mind until a few days later when I was scheduled to do a photo shoot. I walked to the edge of our deck and snapped two pictures of my mum’s baby barn. I took one in JPEG, and the other in RAW. Oh-my-god.

From this day forward, I will never go back to JPEG. What a difference. The photographs are instantly balanced, sharpened, and more vibrant. The little editing that they do need does not distort the original copy like what usually happens with its lesser counterpart. Why had no one ever told me about this before? My photographic experience has been heightened to such a level that I now want to go shoot any and everything. My life will never be the same.




  1. There are advantages and disadvantages to both formats. RAW files are larger and look dull fresh out of the camera, but offer higher dynamic range and greater flexibility when editing. JPGs are smaller which means you can shoot faster because your camera can process them more quickly, but don’t leave you much choice if you want to edit. If you like the editing process, then shoot RAW. I use Lightroom and apply a preset when I import to bring them to a state where I like them.

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  2. OMH

     /  10/25/2014

    I allways shoot in RAW. Sometimes I shoot RAW+JPG when it is pictures my wife want to upload right away :)

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  3. Gorgeous photograph and I must confess – I didn’t know about RAW. I have a Canon and will investigate. Thank you!


  4. I always shoot RAW. RAW captures more information from the sensor and allows for better editing. Plus every time you open a jpg image to tweak it, the image loses some of its info/pixels.

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  5. What a beautiful picture! Emory, I am still stuck in Jpeg, perhaps unwisely. I always thought that RAW would suck up all my memory space faster? As I take about a million photos, including ten of each single shot, that might be a problem for me.- Emily (wishing chair/ wish list art blog)

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  6. RAW is always best, and you can always save the pictures as a JPG later if you need a smaller file. Lovely photograph!

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  7. I’ll have to play around. I guess I knew about RAW files but I still shoot in JPEG. Would be nice I were able to take better photos. I always admire your photography.

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  8. Thanks for sharing! I never knew options existed and that it made a difference! i’ll try the RAW format :)

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  • Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

  • Thank you to all those who liked, commented, and sent me messages yesterday. I am overwhelmed by your love. I would like to share one more thing. Since 2013, I have used my blog as a creative outlet and my Instagram account as my diary. I feel it’s a much better platform to reach out to others, and to be more truthful (if we dare). I try to only follow those who don’t always show the ups and highs of their “perfect” lives. While I think that the more popular, beige square, ad-infused, California chic, glam mother accounts are beautiful, I also find them to be depressing and unoriginal. A miscarriage is real. It is nothing to be ashamed of. If you don’t choose to discuss yours, that’s totally fine! I needed to share mine in order to begin my grieving and healing process. I am now a mother to two children. This is something that I did not want to, nor will I ever hide. Yes, our second child came much too early and did not survive, but that does not make his/her life any less worthy. Our baby was alive at one time. Our baby has a soul. Now, our baby has a name and will forever be part of our family. We are a family of four- three on earth and one angel in heaven. So, thanks again all. Sadness. What a difference a year can make. Last holiday season, Remy turned 10 months old. She had just gotten her first two teeth, and on Christmas morning, had learned to crawl. This year, we are mourning the loss of our second child. I suffered a miscarriage this week, and it has left a deep void in our family. This was going to be our Christmas card where we revealed to friends and family our joyous secret. Now, it remains one of our only photos as a family of four. Because of this, I want to share it with the world. Give your children an extra hug and kiss for me tonight. You are so blessed to have them. All my love, Emory.
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