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    "Colorado and Wyoming are America’s highest states, averaging 6,800 feet and 6,700 feet above sea level. Utah comes in third at 6,100 feet, New Mexico, Nevada, and Idaho each break 5,000 feet, and the rest of the field is hardly worth mentioning. At 3,400 feet, Montana is only half as high as Colorado, and Alaska, despite having the highest peaks, is even further down the list at 1,900 feet. Colorado has more fourteeners than all the other U.S. states combined, and more than all of Canada too. Colorado’s lowest point (3,315 feet along the Kansas border) is higher than the highest point in twenty other states. Rivers begin here and flow away to all the points of the compass. Colorado receives no rivers from another state (unless you count the Green River’s brief in and out from Utah). Wyoming’s Wind River Range is the only mountain in North America that supplies water to all three master streams of the American West: Missouri, Colorado, and Columbia rivers." Keith Meldahl Happy one week anniversary, you cuties.
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holly golightly, this one is for you

Holly01This is a piece that I had composed for Holly on Instagram. I’ve hinted at her recent health issues in several blog posts, but have yet to fully explain just what is the matter. Rather than rewriting it for you today and having to relive the same raw emotions once again, I’ve made the decision to post it here. Nothing has yet changed, and I feel as if I can say no more about the situation. This is what I wrote one week ago.

Holly02Holly03Holly05“We’ve been through a lot with our dog, Holly. Four years ago, we rescued her from the SPCA in Edmonton, Alberta. She was found wandering the streets, heavily pregnant, and in the middle of winter. No one ever claimed her. We went into the shelter not expecting to fall in love, but after seeing Holly shivering in the corner of a room, while being kept away from her litter of puppies, we knew that our lives would never be the same. She was losing her hair and was severely underweight, but within a few months she was a fit and healthy dog, or so we thought. Soon after adopting her, we noticed an ulcer in her eye. It turns out that Holly’s eyes cannot produce tears. After four years of different medications, numerous vet visits, and most recently a surgery to correct the problem, it appeared as if she would finally be able to lead a ‘normal’ life. Holly will be 10 years old. However, life will not let her catch a break. Last week we were told that Holly has cancer. Now, we must weigh our options and ultimately decide how many more surgeries and procedures we will subject her to. The line between preserving your pet’s life for yourself or for them is thin. If only they could speak and tell us exactly what to do. If nothing else, we know that Holly is a fighter, and that eventually she will help us come to the right decision, if not through human words, but through her own form of language that only dog owners grow to understand. While owning her has never been easy, if I didn’t have her love or the privilege of ever knowing her, the last four years of my own life would have been so much more meaningless. So, Holly Golightly, this one is for you.”



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  1. Oh Emory, I feel for you. I had an amazing boy Max who had health issues for the 8 years I was lucky enough to have him in my life, I’m afraid it’s not easy but worth every minute we have them here.

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  2. What to write? My Phoebe Darling just turned 10 and is having health issues, too. Bless these little pups.

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  3. Oh this makes my heart break. You are obviously a wonderful owner with the right attitude and I’m sure you’ll do the right thing by your fluffy friend. It’s not easy, loving them the way we do. Hugs.

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  4. I’m reading this with my chihuahua on my lap and cuddling him a little closer. Sorry to hear it. Dogs are the best. :(

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  5. I have often wished that we could have just a minute or two, every so often, when we could talk to our animals (and they could respond) – just a chance to check in, make sure they’re happy, and that there isn’t anything else we could be doing for them. I suspect, however, that my dog would just chuckle, tell me to stop worrying and let him get back to his nap – that I already know everything he needs to tell me.

    Sending love to you and Holly. ♥♥♥

    xo ~ Stacey @ sweetlittlesparrow.com

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  6. Mum

     /  10/22/2014

    Holly Dolly. An old gal with short legs so devoted to her momma. Holly tolerates me but her eyes are always on you Emma. Just a few times in a lifetime do you find that dog that ‘clicks’. Holly has more common sense than most people I have met. I have observed her through her health issues and surgeries and am amazed each time. She acknowledges her limitations and carries on with brightness, a wagging plume of a tail and her smile. Oh yes she has a grin. You are loved my girl.

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  7. So sorry to hear this :( dogs are definitely part of the family and create so many precious memories. Sending well wishes your way <3

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