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under the tuscan sun

2.jpgHappy Monday, friends! In the recent months, I’ve been writing much about my love for my dogs and the role that they play in my life. Being an animal lover is something that I have inherited from my mum. Below is a story that not only was written by my mum, but is one that I feel needs to be told. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. :-)))



1.jpg“Is anybody old enough to remember the novel Black Beauty? Classic. At the end of the book, Beauty, a twenty-something broken down horse, a shadow of his former spirited self, is sold for pennies and sent to his last home. A groomer sees him and stops in his tracks. He pats the horse and tells him he looks like Beauty, a colt he knew years ago.

“Now my true story: my Tuscan started his career on the racetrack, twenty-one years ago. He was sold many times as a jumper. The last owners were going to euthanize him as he couldn’t jump anymore. He lives here. With me. As my new farrier and I were trimming hooves I called Tuscan over. The farrier looked over and in disbelief said, “Tuscan? Tuscan! It IS you!” He had put shoes on Tuscan all those years ago when he was racing and had never seen him again.

“He has since trimmed Tuscan many times since that incredible meeting. He says my big guy looks great, and this chance meeting gives me shivers. My Tuscan is a lamb. And he has stolen my heart.”


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  1. Very touching! And happy that Tuscan has a good home!

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    • My mum gives him the best home! She goes above and beyond to care for this big guy, in addition to her other horses, ponies, donkeys, mule, cats, and dogs. She’s amazing.

      Thanks for the comment! <3<3


  2. Wow, what a handsome gelding!!! It’s so sad how many people euthanize their horses just because they can’t jump anymore. I’m so glad your mother took him in!

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    • I am too!! Just because their racing/showing life is over, does not mean that their true life needs to end as well. In fact, it should BEGIN when they retire!

      Thank you for the comment. xx


  3. Heidie Makes

     /  11/03/2014

    So cute!!

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  4. Reblogged this on Andy Britnell: A Blog Eat Blog World and commented:
    Here’s one for my horse loving followers. A great metaphor about (insert your thoughts in the comments) :-)

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  5. What a lovely story which I will be sharing with my horsey friends :-)

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