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The Hills 02 The Hills 03The Hills 06As part of my sister’s birthday gift, I had offered to photograph her ever-expanding family. Over the years, I have often captured them in groups of two, three, or four, but rarely have I been able to get all six in one photo.

The Hills 08 The Hills 11The Hills 16The Hills 19She was more than happy to accept her gift, and so one beautiful day in October we spent an hour in her backyard sitting, jumping, running, sitting some more, laughing, and most importantly, shooting. Just because photographing four small children isn’t difficult enough, we decided to add their two little dogs in some of the pictures.

The Hills 14 The Hills 24 The Hills 25Almost every photo turned out perfectly. I guess my job was made that much easier since I had such a beautiful family to work with.

The Hills 27The Hills 32Have a good Remembrance Day. I hope that you’re spending it with loved ones.



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  1. Mum

     /  11/11/2014

    Your brother ventured a comment! Whoa. Big step.

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  2. Jord

     /  11/11/2014

    Beautiful photos Em, perfectly captured the family. Very well done; everyone looks great.

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  3. lindaglovinghome

     /  11/11/2014

    Too, too cute! Beautiful pictures of your sister’s family. And little miss in her pink cowboy boots!! Family gallery wall for sure. Adorable!

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  4. They are beautiful

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