when swedes build tiny homes for students

10-smart-micro-dorm(Image via Tiny House Blog)

By now, most of you are aware of my adoration for Tiny Houses. When I picture them, I usually visualize small, wooden structures in amongst the trees, lakes, and mountains. That’s all fine and dandy if you’re one of the few lucky owners who not only live off-grid in their Tiny Home, but also in either a national park or some make-believe enchanted forest. While living off-grid is plausible, the latter two for obvious reasons, are much harder to come by.

What I should be envisioning in my Tiny House dreams are small homes built onto trailers and residing in someone’s backyard, or put in the middle of a street, looking out of place, and flanked by larger homes on either side of it. That is a truer perspective given that these dwellings are intended for those who want to be homeowners, yet who are seeking more affordable and transient lifestyles.

10-smarta-kvm_3(Image via Tiny House Blog)

Sweden is obviously a great country to look at when considering Tiny Homes. Why? Well consider IKEA, for instance. If you think about it, the store is made of hundreds of Tiny Houses, all of which have small, durable, modern, and affordable furniture solutions. I think that’s why I love it so much. Visiting IKEA is like visiting a Tiny House museum. If that isn’t enough, one can actually leave the store with the same incredible pieces that inspired them in the building. That’s like stopping at the Louvre and buying a print of the Mona Lisa, and then using it as a piece of furniture that betters your life in every way. Hmm, that actually sounded better in my head.

10-smarta-kvm_2(Image via Tiny House Blog)

I should get back on topic. Suffice it to say that Swedes are a natural fit for Tiny Homes. Yet, rather than designing them to solely benefit those families who can already afford to live in them, one particular architectural firm in Sweden is crafting a series of Tiny Houses for students at Lund University. The idea is to build smart student housing that is half the price of renting a dorm room. I wish that we would’ve had something similar when I was in university!

What are your thoughts on Tiny Homes for students?



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  1. Oh wow, how cool! I would have loved to call one of those home back in my university days ;)

    ~Stacey @ sweetlittlesparrow.com

  2. kitingan

     /  11/17/2014

    Yes… Low maintenance :)

  3. Low maintenance! I could live with that!

  4. Wow, these are lovely. I would have loved one of these as a student :)

  5. They’re great little spaces. I would absolutely love to live in one if it was just me. Very appealing. I like all the nooks and how the dining table folds down from the window (presumably). I could see several of these pods stationed around central outdoor communal areas where residents could farm, socialize, work together then be able to retreat to the privacy of their pod. The pods look big enough for “date night” as well – have a romantic little dinner and whatnot.

    Great design.

  6. What a great space to work in. :)

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