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Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 presetI don’t know about you, but I never used to enjoy my birthday. I hated the idea of turning another year older, as did I dislike having all eyes on me on that day. I’m very shy by nature, and try to skip out on events that centre around myself. For instance, I never went to my high school graduation, either of my university convocations, and as for our wedding, we eloped. Get the picture? Good!

That being said, my birthday this year wasn’t so bad. It was the first time in 9 years that I didn’t dread or fall into a slight depression around this time of year. I actually didn’t really feel much of anything! Also, what should have been a one-day event turned into a five-day celebration! It felt more like an Indian wedding ceremony than a birthday. It was nice, though, and I’ll take you through how I spent it.

2.jpg1.jpgThe celebration began Wednesday night. Geoffrey and I had a gym date, which was followed by a movie date. Going to the gym with my husband is one of my favourite things to do as a couple. We both get to engage in what we love, all while shooting each other glances from across the building. Lame, but cute and kind of intimate as well. 

3.jpg4.jpg5.jpgThe film that we saw was The One I Love. If you are married, or have ever been married, you must see this film. Honestly. It’s twisted, dark, funny, relatable, and refreshingly original. Plus, we were able to see it at the Broadway Theatre. Aside from ourselves, there was only one or two other couples. I love being in an empty theatre.

6.jpg8.jpgOn Thursday, we started our morning doing something that we haven’t done in what felt like forever; we went out for breakfast! Holy God, it was delicious. I wish that it was something that we could do more often.

20.jpg9.jpgAfterwards, we headed out to our storage unit in order to pick up some things for our new home. Here is a picture of our unit in its current state. Yikes! I’m not looking forward to unpacking this sucker.

10.jpg21.jpgThen we drove out to our home to check on its progress, discuss some details with our contractor, and drop a bunch of things off. We were told that we would be able to move in about  … wait for it … one month! Hurray! We can officially see a light at the end of the tunnel!

22.jpgLater that night we went and babysat my nieces and nephew. Chaos soon ensued, but it turned into a really fun evening. They always put me in such a great mood, and I think that the same goes for them.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 presetWe sort of skipped Friday. We both had to go back to work that day, and by the time I got home at night, it was too late to do anything.

11.jpgSaturday morning was spent together, and in the afternoon, I went to the gym while Geoffrey went and bought more of my birthday gift. The evening was spent with my parents at Red Lobster. I love going out for supper with them. They’re a hilarious duo.

12.jpgSunday finally came, which was also the actual day of my birthday. By then, I was a little tired of all the celebrations and the ‘all eyes on me’ attitude. Not that I acted like a princess for the last four days, but I was looking forward to passing the attention onto somebody else. I worked at the library for the better part of the day, but my nieces came over that morning to drop off my many gifts and cards. I was also inundated with phone calls and text messages all morning. I didn’t even know if I would be able to make it to work on time!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 7.52.58 PMSunday night we picked up takeout and a movie after work, and spent the evening relaxing. It was a great week, to say the least. Thanks, family!



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  1. This is a eally good tip particularly to those fresh
    to tthe blogosphere. Short but very accurte information… Manny
    thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

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  2. Happy belated birthday Emory!! I’m sorry I missed it. They cut off out phone lines at home (for no reason and are taking a week to sort it) so I’ve had no internet at home. Pleased to see you did so many lovely things with your birthday week :)

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  3. lindaglovinghome

     /  11/25/2014

    How wonderful!…Having the spotlight on you for your special day turned week, I’d say it’s worth it. :-). Love the barn doors!!! That video is too funny, I laughed until tears rolled. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Mum

     /  11/24/2014

    Another year tucked away. And you are in those ‘nines’. People make big changes during this time. You are 29 and I am still 39. How did that happen? So darlin I will be waiting for your year of change. Lots of fun on your birthday eve, however, next year say goodbye to Geo cos it’s just you and me baby. I want a trip with you just you and me.

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I love the idea of celebrating a birthday all week! I may try it for my 29th in August!

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  6. 1) Happy birthday! We love the idea of celebrating birthday’s all week too. We’ve been doing it for a while now. I think it makes it more special, especially as we don’t exchange much “stuff” in terms of presents – going out to a movie, dinner (we goto Red Lobster sometimes, too lol), or doing special activities is rewarding and memorable. Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate your milestone bday next year in the new house. I had a “surprise” bday for 30 and it was fun
    2) I’m jealous of the little barn. You have sliding exterior barn doors. I want those for my studio. I think they got nixed for money reasons when we were building. And the problem with delaying some things is that we’ll never get to them – hmmm money on barn doors and stone decorative walls or pay for schooling, mortgage or bills? The barn doors as well as the rest of the house look incredible. Thank you for sharing with us. Inspiring.

    P.S. I’ll check previous posts, but do you have info on the hardware you used for your sliding exterior barn doors? info on the construction of the actual doors? I would find that information of value.

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    • Mum

       /  11/24/2014

      Hi! Ems mum replying. The barn doors are handmade. Less expensive than prefab. Our contractor has used the same design on all my exterior barns. AND you can have any size door opening you want! Hardware is really easy to find. Any country supply feed store usually has barn tracks and handles can be anything. I use iron stall gate hardwear. And paint it whatever color I want. Bronze. Then I tire of the color. Remove it and presto this year it’s black!

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      • Thanks for the info. I think I’m going to try a sliding door like this in our basement. Someday down the road will try outside for my studio door.


    • Take a look at this post:

      When we had bought our previous house, we ended up removing the door that swung into the sink and replaced it with a sliding door. We had next to no money left in our budget. This is what we came up with:

      1. We purchased a barn door kit from our local Co-op. It came to just over $100.

      2. Then we went to Home Depot and bought an unpainted door, on sale, for $25. We made sure that it was a few inches wider than the door frame (you don’t want to have visible gaps, especially in a bathroom!!).

      3. We found a piece of reclaimed wood and used it to attach the kit to it. You’ll buffer piece of wood like this to place in between the wall and the kit itself.

      All in all it took the length of an afternoon to purchase and install everything (minus painting/staining the door). It also came to less than $150.00. However, it is a two man job.

      Hope this helps! Thanks for the comment!


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