we ordered a custom shed

Shed 1About seven months ago, I had made an order for a custom shed to be built. That was when we were still living in Little Green. It was May 2014, and our search for a new home was in its fifth month. I had given up on ever finding anything to buy, so I turned my attention on our home’s never-ending renovations.

At that time, our current shed looked to be decades old, and in the worst possible place in our backyard. Upon placing an order with a  local company, my husband took to demolishing our old shed with fervour, and we cleared a place for our new one. A few weeks later, our plans changed completely. We bought a new property, sold Little Green, and were already packing up its contents. I told the shed company to hold off on its construction, since I wanted to move it onto our new land. Most likely to the annoyance of the new home owners, we left them without any shed and with a massive patch of dead grass in the middle of the yard. Oops.

Shed 2I kept in contact with the shed builder all summer, scheduling a day for it to be delivered to our lot, then changing it, then rescheduling, then changing, and so on. I can’t imagine the extent to which I annoyed him. However, my own contractor was never quite ready for it to be delivered, considering that it was supposed to go directly over the gas line.

One day in October, I got tired of playing email tag. I told the company to just deliver it to my mum’s property. Keep in mind that I had already paid for half of it and had never seen a picture of what it was supposed to look like. I basically just told him what I wanted, and he made it up from there. Stupid? Maybe. But that’s the way I roll, folks!

Shed 4On October 24, there was my shed, bouncing down the highway on the back of a truck. When my mum saw it, she said that she would buy it and transport it to her new property in BC. With no due date for our own home’s completion, I told her that she could have it. Fast forward to one month later, the gas line was finally installed at our property. Now needing a shed for our impending move-in date, and being in love with this little guy, I had to take back possession of it. I hired yet another truck to tow it out to our home. Last week, and for the second time in this out building’s life, it was moved again. Sorry mum. This thing is going to have more miles on it than a roadworthy bike. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 6.46.17 PMDoes our shed look like a Tiny House to you? That was completely intentional. I designed it to look like one, with ranch wall siding, a window, cedar door, and metal roof. I had chosen a white roof to match Little Green’s at the time. If I would’ve known that we were moving and that the roof on our new house was brown, then I would’ve done things differently. However, with seven months of planning, two big moves, dozens of emails, countless headaches, and a missing shed at LG, obviously my first mistake was ordering it too freakin’ soon. Oh well. We can’t all be perfect. ;-)))



P.S. I had my Instagram followers to come up with a name for this cutie. The top three were Ted the Shed, Wallace, and Little Shed on the Prairie. Do you guys have any great monikers? 

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  1. Very neat little shed! Looks great!


  2. lindaglovinghome

     /  12/06/2014

    If that is not cute, cute, cute!! Yup, that fits “the tiny house nation”.

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  3. Looks great!

    I think it looks most like a Ted, so my vote is for Ted the Shed.

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  4. That is the cutest!

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  5. west517

     /  12/02/2014

    …I’d say, “Little Cabin in the Woods…” :D

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  6. Mum

     /  12/02/2014

    My shed😞How I miss thee I had such great plans for you. Such a cute little thing…. Great for ten clucking hens…. Two little milking goats…. Two little mini horses….. Two big dogs….. However Em had different plans and poof there it was gone down the highway again. I’m thinking though… It’s so easy to transport that in the middle of a dark still night and before Em has it fenced that it would be an easy thing to claim it back. Just saying.

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    – N

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