how much is that doggie in the window

Adoption2Lately, I’ve been pining for another dog. It seems to be that I experience the infamous ‘two-year-itch’ not in relationships, but with animals. We owned Holly for two years and one month before we adopted Truman. In turn, we’ve had Truman for twenty-three months. Now, for the past few weeks, my heart has been yearning for another pet.

On the Saturday following Black Friday, two local rescue organizations hosted two different Adoption Days. Somehow, I had managed to get the day off. My husband and I loaded up our dogs into the vehicle, and in addition to running errands, ended up attending both of these events. It was a high of -20°C that day, and felt more like -40°C. If it wasn’t for the two events, I wouldn’t have left the house.

Adoption5At first, Geoffrey was against adding to our pet family. He had even refused to come inside the first Adoption Day. He sat in the vehicle with the dogs while I went inside. A few minutes later, I get a call on my cellphone, and there he was. I felt so happy. 

Adoption3We bought some coffee and baking and made a donation to the organization, We All Need A Rescue. Then we walked around, played with the rescue dogs, talked to other interested individuals, and ran out to the vehicle to check on our own dogs.

I always find these events to be such an eye opening experience. I long to give each and every dog a home. Yet, considering that there were over 80 of them needing a rescue, that would be impossible.

Adoption4After leaving, Geoffrey admitted that he would like another dog. I said that I wanted two more. We settled on possibly getting just one. 

Adoption8New Hope Rescue’s Adoption Day was next on our list. We had attended one of their events last year. You can see that post here. It was very different this time around, and felt more like a madhouse. The greenhouse was also hosting a Christmas craft sale. It was next to impossible to actually get to see any of the dogs, but I did play with one and talk to her foster dad for quiet awhile. She was gorgeous. 

Adoption9We finally made it home later that afternoon. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I felt like we did our part in donating to these shelters, but was also feeling guilty for not being able to help them all out.

Adoption11The next day, I went to the SPCA Shelter to take one more look. Of all the organizations that we had just seen, the SPCA is the one that makes me feel the most guilty and sick to my stomach. Here, they do not have foster homes, and the animals look incredibly on edge in their little cells that are often dirty. I did fall in love with a beautiful girl named Cora that was ready to go home that day. However, until our house is completed, we can’t adopt anyone just yet.

Adoption10After being hit with the reality that we aren’t quite ready to take in another animal, coupled with the fact that I wouldn’t know which one to choose, I’m beginning to come to the realization that maybe my two-year-itch will have to go unfulfilled. Truman is finally out of his puppy stage, and Holly probably doesn’t have many more years ahead of her. Right now, our lives are bordering on contentment. Do I really want to change that? (Yes, I do!)

In the meantime, and until we are ready, I’ll just keep donating to these shelters. 




  1. G

     /  12/09/2014

    So when are we getting this puppy?

    Perhaps we should get another fish? Try to break Josie’s record of “most kms traveled by a fish”

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  2. lindaglovinghome

     /  12/09/2014

    Understood. We have rescued 7. But first we had to get prepared…. to accept, love and give them the care they needed. So nice that you have a warm heart for precious animals.

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    • Mum

       /  12/09/2014

      Well said. I always have around 8 rescues and that doesn’t include the horses, ponies or precious donkeys. The dogs that are waiting for new homes all come with issues. I have one with a skin issue, food aggression, no obedience work at all, arthritis etc. usually all can be rehabilitated with hard exercise and hard work ie time. But remember nobody ever gives away the Lassies or Rin Tin Tins of the world. However, having said that, my adopted dogs ALWAYS turn around. And never leave my heart.

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      • lindaglovinghome

         /  12/10/2014

        Love it! That is wonderful! Have a wonderful holiday!

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  3. Mum

     /  12/09/2014

    Em you remind me of a little broody hen. Cluck clucking around her nest fluffing her feathers and trying to steal the other hens eggs. So little Henny Penny, I think you should nest into the new little barn first, pull all the extra straw around you, relax and enjoy for awhile. Stay away from the adoption days and yes donate. And if you still have the need to adopt…..spend an entire day with me. I have 9 dogs. I will gladly take the extra assistance. Just saying.

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  4. Crying, so cute, I would want all of them. :( I always get a little sad when I go to rescue shelters. Gorgeous pictures! What type of camera or lens do you use?

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    • Oh well thank you for your beautiful comment, and sorry for making you cry!! It wasn’t my intention, I swear. :-))

      I actually switched between my iPhone and Canon DSLR camera for this post. I didn’t want to bring my camera into the events, so I used my cellphone for the majority of the pictures. Thank you for the compliment, though. I thought the photos weren’t actually that good this time. Maybe it’s due to the editing. (I swear by Lightroom!!)


  5. I know, it’s so difficult to not take them all home. Our affinity is on the cat end of the spectrum but the feelings are the same. We’ve only ever done the selection process one time, when we got Daphne 15 years ago – and I remember it like it was yesterday. The other two cats we adopted on a whim through a family member.

    Focus on the house, get that wrapped up and comfy then reconsider once things are more settled is my advice. Stay away from shelters, send them money in the mail (so there’s no temptation). :)

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