we could all use a friend like holly (noisette)

Tea1I recently received a parcel that was sent to my store office. When the building’s landlord told me that I had package waiting for me, my first reaction was that one of my items was delivered unsuccessfully. Already mentally preparing to contact the buyer, rewrap the item, and send it back with a discount for the inconvenience (my mind works quickly), the last thing that I was expecting was a little box that was addressed to me, from Holly.

Tea2Sometimes I forget that readers actually take in the aspects of my life that I blog about. Sure, if you read HSB, you probably know a little something about the house that I’m building, or that I own a few pets, or that I’m married. Those of you who truly follow my life, know more about me and it than I give you credit for. Not only did the card have antlers on it and a beautiful handwritten note, but what was inside was one of my all-time favourite foods in tea format. Plus, it came from halfway around the world. Who does that? Only the sweetest person ever.

Tea3I certainly don’t know what the true measure of a friend is. I think that varies for each and every individual. However, Holly is a pretty damn good one. On days like this, I am once again thankful for the blogging community in regards to introducing me to some really great people. Click on Holly’s blog, and say hello. Honestly. We could all benefit from having a friend like her.




  1. So sweet! ❤❤

    ~Stacey @ sweetlittlesparrow.com

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  2. I’m glad it arrived safely, if not a little travel worn :) Merry Christmas!

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  3. That looks DELICIOUS! I love Rhubarb, but never heard of the likes of this, can’t quite imagine!

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    • Oh it’s SO delicious. Honestly. The best tea that I’ve ever had. I look forward to winding down with a cup every night.

      Thanks for the comment!!

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  4. Dominique Jackson

     /  12/10/2014

    Great post!

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  5. Heidie Makes

     /  12/10/2014

    I love your skirt! :-)

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  6. Nice surprise

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