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3.jpgIn anticipation of our new home, I’ve decided to get rid of all of our bedding for both our master and spare bedroom, and start from scratch. We’ve owned the same duvet, pillows, covers, you name it really, since we first started living together over four years ago. Some of it was actually from before then. Yuck. 

After putting off the daunting task of buying all new bedding for a few months, I made it my mission to set aside an entire day looking online for the perfect set. Or two sets, in this case. What I initally thought would take a mere morning, turned into 9 hours of draining internet searches, followed by one purchase that I gave to my mum in exchange for her buying me something different, and a trip to IKEA where we purchased the remainder of our items. Success? Sure!

The above photo is the inspiration for our spare bedroom, which can be seen in this post. Below, are my bedding choices.

Master Bedroom:

post3American Duvet Cover and Shams

post4Texas Pillowcases

post2Cross Throw Pillow

post1Military Blanket

Spare Bedroom:

bedCoverlet and Shams

$_57Fisherman Pillowcases

$_12Deer Throw Pillow

$_12 (1)Military Blanket

Next time, I’ll need to find a more convenient solution. Where do you shop to purchase your bedding?



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  1. Love the stars duvet and shams and deer pillow and throw!! I would love to quote Davy!

  2. Urban Outfitters has fun designs although I have never bought them so I’m not sure of the quality! Some of the prints are pretty busy… but they have more simple duvets too.

  3. Great choices! Love the military blanket and deer pillow the most though!

  4. cozylor

     /  12/19/2014

    Absolutely lovely!!

  5. Lovely choices!! I do love bedding but it is difficult to find that perfect set :)

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