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shepherd-huts_1600(Image via Güte)

Guys, I may have just found my next purchase for The Little Barn. If you know me, you know that one day I long to either live in or own a Tiny Home. This may no longer have to be a dream.

Shepherd-Hut_1600(Image via Güte)

Earlier this week, Tiny House Blog published an article on Güte Shepherd Huts. Güte is a Canadian company that specializes in handcrafted huts and furniture. The company stems from Germany, hence the name Güte (meaning good) and my title (that is very good).

modular-furniture-1600-750x498(Image via Güte)

Every element that goes into one of these huts has been chosen for a specific purpose. Typical of Tiny Homes, form neither follows nor precedes function, but goes hand in hand in the most brilliant way.

front-3_1600(Image via Güte)

I love the exterior of The Collingwood, but the interior of The Classic. I think that every homeowner should own a Güte if they ever expect to receive guests and visitors.

bunks_1600-750x498(Image via Güte)

I am finally excited to be a Canadian.



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  1. DiyDaisy

     /  01/08/2015

    Thats such a cute caravan!☺️💗

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  2. i just discovered the tiny homes phenomena recently. hgtv actually has a house hunters “tiny homes edition”, at first i was watching just because i thought it was ridiculous, but soon i was hooked! i find the whole concept extremely fascinating.

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  3. I like the bunk beds with the little bed below.

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  4. Owning a tiny home is one of my “some day” purchases too! I even have the “tiny homes” book just so i can stare at it :)

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    • You do?! That’s so great! I think that they are just the most perfect type of housing. They have everything that you could ever need, for an inexpensive price. Plus, a lot of them are on wheels. What more could a girl ask for? 😉

      Thank you for your comment!

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  5. G

     /  01/08/2015

    These little guys are pretty cute, but I wonder how they would handle our brutal winters? They would be so cozy to curl up in with a little heater, cup of tea and a good book.

    We should probably get one ;)

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  6. oh my! These are adorable :)

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