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HomeHarvest1Many of my HSB fans are aware of the fact that I am also a freelance writer, and have written for a small number of publications around North America. I steadily write for one of my more favourite online magazines, which is entitled HaveHeart. Very recently, the magazine has gone from being solely online to newly printed format! What’s more, in the first week alone, 5000 copies of HaveHeart were picked up by readers. Apparently this number was expected to last two months. Hey, the sky’s the limit when it comes to dreaming big.

HomeHarvest4While this news should warrant a post in itself, the same woman that does 99% of the behind-the-scenes work herself for HaveHeart, has bravely chosen to create another printed magazine to target a much different audience. This captivating publication is called Home & Harvest. The caption for the new magazine says that it’s “devoted to celebrating the lovely life and community of the Palouse!” 

Heather, my editor of both mags, picked two of my DIYs that were once featured in HaveHeart, and had them published in the premiere issue of Home & Harvest!

HomeHarvest2One was the Wood and Wire DIY.

HomeHarvest3The other was the Make Your Own Snow Globe. Little did I know that upon creating it nearly one year ago, that it would eventually land me a regular writing position for two magazines.

This month’s issue features my Reindeer Plate Tutorial.

HomeHarvest5The first issue of Home & Harvest turned out just beautifully, and the second was very recently put into print. Heather and her husband Tony are doing such an amazing job. I can only imagine how difficult, stressful, time-consuming, and yet, fun and rewarding it must be to have not only one circulating magazine, but now two! I most definitely feel proud every time that I see my own name in print, and I look forward to collecting these monthly issues and adding them to my own collection of freelance work.

Please take your time and read Home & Harvest. If you like my blog, then I know that you will love this magazine!



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  1. Congrats! I had to look up Palouse. I have driven through Spokane and Walla Walla, but not in between.


  2. Geo`s Mom

     /  01/23/2015

    Way to go Em, we are so proud of you!

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  3. Congratulations!!

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  4. Jord K

     /  01/22/2015


    Congratulations on yet another addition to your ever-expanding portfolio. Keep on rocking the freelance world.


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  5. This is so cool! Congratulations! You’re a printed author, how awesome!

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  6. Oh wow…congrats dear…you hardwork paid…this is awesome!

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  7. Actually, yesterday before I saw your post I followed your link to the magazine, and it is lovely. You’re a good fit with it as a writer, too. Thanks for sharing your news today.

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  8. Wow!!! Congratulations! :)

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  9. That’s awesome. Well done you :)

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  10. Congrats!!

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