what i wore: blue swan

WW7-3Hello, friends! Can you believe that there are only two days left in the month of January? Where did the time go?!

WW7-2This outfit post today is featuring one of my most treasured dresses, and one that I have worn before in a post. However, given that it was over a year and a half ago, my hair was short, blonde, and shaved on one side. Needless to say that I looked like a man in drag. While the fashion post can be found if you were to do some digging, I’m not feeling overly zealous to add a link for you today. Hey, I can’t be expected to do all the work around here. ;-)))

WW7-1This dress is one that I often wear to work, and for special occasions. I bought it as a ballet dress, and it’s sheer overlay with asymmetrical hem gives it such a distinctive and feminine look. It’s incredibly soft, and flows like a dream. I feel like a ballerina when I wear it, and so, probably to the annoyance of many, I wear it often.

In the words of Nina from one of my favourite films, Black Swan, “It was perfect.”



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  1. Lovely look, great style!


  2. G

     /  01/29/2015

    You did NOT look like a man with blonde hair! What are you talking about girlfriend? ;)

    Cute pics as per ♥️

  3. Love your style!

  4. It is called youth, my daughter. Gives you the permission and ability to throw anything on and it will look great. Enjoy it. Explore it. Embrace it. Now regarding the movie Black Swan….vile movie. Vapid. Celebrates eating disorders. Self absorbed. No heart nor soul. As a mother everything I tried to steer you from. Just saying.

    • Hey now, just because I love a movie doesn’t mean that I will adopt their destructive behaviour. Geo considers Trainspotting one of his favourites, and it didn’t turn him into a drug addict. Nor did I become a con artist after watching The Sting and The Brothers Bloom over and over again!

      Just sayin’.

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