a week of valentines: beloved canadian music

Today marks the second post in my new mini-series, A Week of Valentines! Yesterday I showed you how to craft a homemade pillow that is appropriate for all ages and genders. Today we will be discussing music. Tomorrow, food.

While more than half of my readers are American, I must admit that as Canadians, we have some pretty amazing musicians that come from our country. This includes The Guess Who, Five Man Electrical Band, Joni Mitchell, The Band, The Stampeders, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, and Steppenwolf, just to name a few of my favourites. Yours, too, probably.

One of the most renowned Canadian artists is Neil Young. Just last week, he collaborated with Jimmy Fallon on his classic song “Old Man.” The results were pure genius, in my opinion. The skit was funny in a way that I never would have expected. Anyway, take a look for yourselves if you haven’t already seen it.

For Valentine’s Day, I’ve created this YouTube playlist with one or two songs from each of these artists. The total length is 50 solid minutes of pure listening gold. So, why not put on some soulful oldies to invoke feelings of love, relaxation, and nostalgia? Nothing helps set the mood for fantastic lovin’ more than music does. 



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  1. G

     /  02/11/2015

    Such a good song! And jimmy is surprisingly good. I kind of thought that it might be dubbed and jimmy was just faking it, but that was pretty convincing.

    Great work! Classic. Too bad we have to deal with so much crappy pop acts these days….

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  2. Love Neil Young (Oldies station is on every day), read his book! Love Jimmy Fallon too. K.D. Lange’s Hallelujah is my favorite version -Juno Awards-Circa 2005? You tube. Celine Dion (From Montreal-Love her, too!). Have a great Day. Your USA Florida friend, Cheryl.

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  3. Neil Young is great. We’re going to see Gordon Lightfoot here in Akron in March. Thanks to Canada for all the good music you’ve sent our way down south here. Didn’t realize The Guess Who and The Band were Canadian – like them too.

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