tlb: our tongue and groove tale

Tongue And Groove Ceiling 4Eight months ago, when we were planning the design for The Little Barn, we apparently made the decision to have a tongue and groove pine ceiling installed. For some reason, this important detail somehow slipped my mind.

Tongue And Groove CeilingThe foundation went in, the walls went up, the installation and drywall were next, and finally it was time for the ceiling. Around the same time, I was at the house with our contractors trying to pick out flooring. I mentioned that I wanted dark flooring since the walls and the ceiling colour were going to be white. Our contractor proceeded to ask me if I was planning on staining the ceiling white? I asked him if he meant paint instead of stain? He replied that he meant stain, since we’re getting a pine ceiling. I was now very confused. I asked him since when were we putting wood instead of drywall up there? He reminded that it was always the plan, and that I had said that I wanted a ceiling similar to the one in my mum’s barn. At that point I knew that he was telling the truth, since it completely sounded like something that I would say. I just didn’t understand how I wouldn’t remember such a momentous detail. Is that not weird?

Tongue And Groove Ceiling 1This was not the only time that I had forgotten our house building plans while building our home. Some days I was just so tired from working, trying to cope with Holly’s health problems, and starting up my store, that I had no energy left for making decisions about our home. I would either just blurt out the first idea that came to my mind, or tell our contractor to surprise us. When I later asked how they were able to get the ceiling stained that particular colour, they said, “you don’t want to know.”

Tongue And Groove Ceiling 2I probably went about this home construction thing a lot more relaxed than most people would, but hey, to each their own.  

Tongue And Groove Ceiling 5In the end, everything turned out beautifully. Especially our ceiling.



P.S. Only one more week until the final house tour of The Little Barn!

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  2. gorgeous!


  3. The Simple Beginner

     /  02/17/2015

    Simple, yet beautiful :)

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  4. Beautiful! What type of stain did you use on the ceiling? Very beautiful, rustic finish!

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    • Thanks Andrea!

      Like I said in my post, when I asked how they did it, all I got was “you don’t want to know.” Actually, I do! Haha.

      Here’s what I think they used:
      – Classic Grey Minwax
      – Jacobean Minwax
      – clear stain/sealer

      Anyway, only my contractors and the ceiling Gods will ever know. It’ll therefore truly be a one-of-a-kind ceiling!

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  5. mgavan

     /  02/16/2015

    Ahh…I’ve always dreamed about making my dream house, you are so lucky you get to do it. I agree, the ceiling turned out beautiful.


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    • Thanks for the comment!

      While this is by no means my “dream house,” it is the most beautiful one that we have ever owned (or designed). I’m not sure what my real dream home will look like, but I’m already trying to plan the next one in my mind!



  6. It’s absolutely beautiful! I love your barn :)

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  7. Agreed! It turned out beautifully!

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  8. The place looks beautiful!! So light and airy. I can’t wait for the big reveal :)

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  9. Joanne S

     /  02/16/2015

    Beautiful, simply.

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