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Do you live in Canada or the United States? If you do, then you can take part in this survey hosted by Canadian Geographic magazine. By doing so, you will help Canada pick its national bird!

Some options for Canada’s national bird include:

Whiskey Jack
Sharp-Tailed Grouse
Whooping Crane
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Tundra Swan
Snowy Owl

I chose my favourite bird, the Canada Goose. Which one would you pick?



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  1. … for the Snowy Owl.

  2. Thanks Emory – I voted!

  3. I voted for the Chickadee. This bird is found all across Canada. It’s friendly and doesn’t scare away other birds. They also stay around all year long right through the winter which is nice because so many birds leave once it starts to get cold. They don’t make a mess like some other birds do.

    • I like how you ended this comment by saying that they’re basically neat and tidy birds.

      We don’t need no messy birds representing Canada, do we?!


  4. I’d say the snowy owl, and I’d say please! :)

  5. I searched each bird just now. The Snowy Owl seems best suited since it lives above the Arctic Circle much of the year, and is a very attractive and robust bird. I lived in Canada in the 80’s and am very fond of Canada. If I could live elsewhere, Canada would be my choice!

    • The Snowy Owl would’ve been my second choice. You’re very right in your description of them. Well said!

      I love Canada, but if I had to pick a province, I might choose one on the East coast. Saskatchewan, while it will always be home, is far too cold.

      Where did you live?

      • I see on the weather reports how the wind howls across the Canadian Plains, you are brave! Atlantic Canada is a great choice!

        I am in Las Vegas, originally from Michigan. No stranger to the bittier winters.

        A couple days ago, my friend Dave back in Michigan sent an email saying the temperature was minus 26F overnight, that is extra cold for that part of the state.

        My wife is originally from California and lived with me in Michigan for 8 years.

        She didn’t like the gray days and ended up on Vitamin D tabs for lack of sunshine. After 52 years in Michigan, I had had enough, partly for health reasons as well.

        Las Vegas is mild in winter. You get a week or so with 25 or 30F at night, then it goes away. 55 just now, we have had mid 70’s lately. Loving the Valley life!

  6. seriously? I thought it was already the Canada Goose! oups, guess I should go vote now!

    • Hahahaha!

      Meanwhile I didn’t know that we didn’t already have one. Or do we? I just assumed it would have been a Loon. Or maybe I’m just thinking of myself.

      Thanks for commenting! I loved it.

  7. Reblogged this on Storm's Stitches and commented:
    Cast your vote to determine Canada’s national bird. The Loon is in the lead at the moment. I voted for the Canada Goose – which bird will you choose?

  8. I chose Canada Goose as well; they are the harbinger of spring where I live, love to see them every spring :) Thank you – I wasn’t aware we were having a vote!

    • Really? Oh great! I would hope that they would ‘win’, but last I checked, they didn’t have nearly enough votes. :-(((

      I also look for them every Spring. They seem to bring a sense of new beginnings with them. It’s terrifying when they leave in the Fall!

  9. I like the Canadian Goose too. They work together when flying. And they are beautiful. And can be nasty if you piss them off. But usually they’re super nice.

    • You have just summarized the Canada Goose to perfection. I think that Wikipedia should use your description of them on their website!

      Yes, I’ve never had any bad encounters with them. They seem to have a good head on their shoulders! Haha.

      Thanks for the comment!!

      • Are you poking fun at my goose description? :)

  10. G

     /  02/17/2015

    Definitely the woodpecker.

    I don’t think I saw “ducks” as an option ;) so what did you pick?

  • Welcome, friends! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of two (one earthside and one with the angels), and an animal rescuer. This is our life on the Canadian prairies.

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