road trip: the rockies and southwest usa

America Road Trip 1-1Family, friends, readers, wanderers. You have no have idea as to the monumental secret that I have been keeping from you. As someone who has been spilling on everything for the last year and a half, not being able to divulge any narratives on this particular adventure has been nothing short of torturous. Not physically, thank goodness, but certainly mentally. So what am I rambling on about? Well, perhaps the title might have tipped you off. WE ARE GOING ON VACATION TO AMERICA!

Ok, you’re probably thinking that I should calm down. No, I will not! The reason why I am so darn excited is because Geoffrey and I haven’t left the country in 4 years. The last real vacation that we went on consisted of us driving from Saskatchewan, Canada, through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and North Dakota for 6 days. It was our honeymoon, which we took a year after our wedding, and our goal was to stay at the Stanley Hotel in CO, since we are both Stephen King and paranormal enthusiasts. We stayed there for four nights, in a haunted room, and came back with the most insane stories ever. It was probably the best honeymoon that we could have ever had.

America Road Trip 2-1Our travel dates are from February 28 – March 7. This vacation is going to be a few days longer than our previous one, consist of a couple more states, and will include our pets. We will also be driving, of course. This is our itinerary:

Day 1: Saskatchewan to Montana
Day 2: Montana to Wyoming
Day 3: Wyoming to Colorado
Day 4: Colorado to Utah
Day 5: Utah
Day 6: Utah to Idaho to Montana
Day 7: Montana
Day 8: Montana to Saskatchewan

Now I require something from you. Please list in the comment section everything that you feel that we should see along the way. We need suggestions for amazing sites, spectacular meals, and possible meet-ups! Keep in mind that dog-friendly places are a must.

What do you think? Do you think that these are good states to visit? 



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  1. Paula

     /  03/15/2016

    Comment pourrai-je vous contacter? merci bien.

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  3. Stop for an oversized cinnamon roll at Johnson’s Corners, a truck stop off I-25 in northern Colorado. It’s one exit south of the exits for Loveland, and not really to be missed, if you haven’t tried them. If you hit the exits for Berthoud, you’ve gone too far.

  4. Salida, Colorado. I want to die there. Maybe even live there, too.

  5. Safe travels! Way to go!!

  6. That sounds so amazing! If you make it to the Colorado Springs area check out Garden of the Gods. It’s absolutely stunning, and it’s free! I also highly recommend Zion national park. Can’t wait to follow your progress on your blog. Post pictures!!!!

    • I think that we might make it to CO Springs. If we do, I’ll most definitely go the Garden. I know that we’re staying overnight in Glenwood Springs. So we’ll at least see “springs.” ;-)))

      I keep getting recommendations for Zion National Park! Unfortunately, we’re not going that South. I wish we were though. It looks so incredibly beautiful!

      Thank you for the suggestions. Keep them coming!

  7. Safe happy travels!

  8. Too bad you aren’t coming to Texas!

    • Ooh that was our original plan. We were going to head straight South to Texas and stay there for 2-3 nights, then head straight North again, but seeing different states along the way. Is that where you live? I SO want to go there!


  9. Love those Wyoming buns.

  10. I think you should just stay in Wyoming and lasso a cowboy. I could use the extra help here.

  11. Jord K

     /  02/19/2015


    It appears that you have a very well thought out and planned trip, yet room remaining for spontaneity and suggestions. As I have detailed in the past, Colorado is a beautiful place to visit with many spectacular sights. I know how much you enjoyed your time in Estes Park (particularly your stay at the Stanley Hotel) and to fit in with the Stephen King theme, Boulder, CO (which plays a pivotal role in The Stand) was always my favourite stop in Colorado.

    All the best and enjoy the adventure. It should be a great trip with your family.


    • Thanks Jord.

      Yes Colorado is high on our list, but since we’ve already toured the state, we’re focusing more on Montana and Utah. I think we’re staying for two nights in Salt Lake City since Geoff found a haunted hotel to stay in and a few other paranormal sites. :-)))

  12. I think you guys should see Devils Tower National Monument in the northeast corner of Wyoming. It is a huge rock formation that was featured in the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind:

    • Thanks Bridget!

      We’re are going to see that monument, since the last time that we drove down we ran out of time to see it. It’s a few hours off of the interstate that we’re taking, so we had to make a point of specifically planning to see it during this trip!

      Any other good suggestions for us?

  13. Geo`s Mom

     /  02/19/2015

    I did almost that same trip on motorcycle many years ago. I’d recommend following the west leg of the Oregon trail with stops at Pocatello, Twin Falls and Boise. The Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve Idaho is such a stark and beautiful surprise with its 600 sq. miles of dormant volcano fields. If you venture into Oregon I know you’d love stopping at the historic Pendleton Woolen mills (6 generations) where they create exquisite blankets woven from local wool. Em, they would fit right in with the décor in The Little Barn.

    Have a great time we will be thinking of you both.

    • Thanks Enid!

      I didn’t know that you did a similar trip. That’s really neat! On the way back we will be seeing the Craters of the Moon (although it isn’t dog friendly so we’re not sure of how much exploring we’ll be able to do), and will be going through the other three cities as well! Unfortunately we’re not going to Oregon this time, that’ll be a trip all in itself. :-)

      Any other places on your list?

  14. Depending on the weather, I’d say Zion (or Bryce Canyon if you like cold) would be amazing. I’ve been to both numerous times and it is unbelievable! Have fun on your trip!! Kinda jealous:)

    • Oh don’t be jealous! Those are not my intentions!

      I wish that we could go to Zion NP, but it’s too far South. That’ll have to be for another day, I’m afraid. :-(((

  15. Wishing you both a fun and safe trip. Las Vegas would be a fun place to see, but farther south than you have mentioned.

    • We have direct flights for about $300 going to Vegas from our current city. That is going to be a trip where we fly there just to escape for a few days!

      • That’s great! And a good price too. Hope you have a great time in our city. If you visit in summer, keep a water bottle in your hand when outdoors, you’ll need it – trust me. ;)

  16. I can’t wait to hear about this trip! My husband and I have been dying to visit the “Big Sky” states and Montana and Wyoming are a must for us. We’d also love to take our pup, so I’ll be checking back to see how your pet-friendly trip goes! Bon voyage!

  17. Any State in US is fun and inviting. Just go and have fun doing what ever you feel like! Simple…

  18. This is a long one, so I apologize in advance….but Montana is my state and I have some ideas for you. I am not sure which route you are taking….but here goes.
    I assume you will be driving down on the 191 through Malta to 87. If you are here are a few places to stop:
    Kipp’s Landing – right when you cross the Missouri, south of Malta. Great place to get out and wander.
    The rest stop between Kipp’s Landing and Roundup- Interpretive plaques, good walk around area, etc.

    In Billings (my town):
    The Vig
    The Brew Pub
    Fiddlers Green- Have their Pork Chop sandwich and share it
    The Athenian-Have anything, it’s all good
    The Burger Dive- it’s only open for lunch
    McCormick- have it for breakfast

    Lodging – Pet Friendly
    Dude Rancher (and they serve a great breakfast) – this is not your cookie cutter hotel

    Things to do in Billings: Art Museum, hike on the Rims (set of cliffs on the North side of town), Moss Mansion tour, Western Heritage Center, Yellowstone Kelly’s grave and hike, Pictograph Caves, etc.

    Once you leave Billings, you can go either on the interstate down through WY hitting Sheridan, Caspar, etc. Or you can take the highway down through Cody (!) and enter Yellowstone through the East Entrance.
    Cody: Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum
    Another route would take you through Chico Hot Springs. Go South of Livingston on Highway 89. Staying on a weekend is next to impossible if you plan in the short term. You are more likely to get a reasonable room (~$100) if you stay during the week. Chico has a resort tax, fyi.
    This route will take you through Yellowstone, but you could also go this way on your way back up. Yellowstone has Winter lodging.

    Anywhoo – that was a lot of information. Let me know if you have any questions.
    I hope you have an amazing time.

  19. I envy your road trip fun!

    Is your “plan” vague because you don’t have solid plans yet? How far south into Utah are you going? I’ve heard awesome things about Zion National Park but it’s in the south and if you go that far, you should totally continue on to AZ and see the Grand Canyon. As far as the beginning of your trip, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Jackson Hole are great stops in WY.

    Do you guys ski? It’s the perfect time of year to get in a lesson or some excellent skiing. 95% of my world travel is skiing-related so everything I’m familiar with is skiing-related or at least outdoorsy. Big Sky Montana is a great spot if you guys are new to skiing. (Sorry, just found your blog today so I don’t know much about you!)

    HAVE FUN! No matter what you do, it’ll be great.

    • No we’re not much of skiers. Plus, we’ll have our dogs so that’s pretty much out! Haha.

      Thanks for your comment! You have some really great suggestions!!


  20. Hi! I wish I could give you awesome suggestions but I can’t coz I haven’t been where you and your husband are going… I haven’t even had one step beyond the borders of the Philippines. 😜 But I’m also planning an out-of-the-country trip some time in the next half of the year. And I so feel your excitement! Hope you two have great time traveling!

    And thanks for dropping by my blog as well 😘

    – joy

  21. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Have fun! ~Sherry

  22. G

     /  02/19/2015

    We are so long over due for a vacation! I can’t wait to get outta this frozen tundra for a week or so. Nothing wrong with a little change.

    And I hope some followers on here can suggest some fun places to stop off at along the way:)

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