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About a month ago, I came across a ‘how to’ video on Kinfolk Magazine’s website. It showed viewers the steps in brewing the perfect cup of pour over coffee. You can see it here.

Having been a barista and manager of several coffee shops for several years (I did go to university after all), I am always intrigued on all things related to coffee and tea. Any coffee lover has probably at some point in their lives wanted to own coffee brew system at home for single cups of coffee, and I’m not talking about K-Cups.

I’ve been scouting out several different coffee brews, but have never known which one to buy, nor how to use them. Urban Outfitters has several, and I may just resort to their website to supply me with a pour over set.

After the video ended, I said something like, “Whoa, that’s a process.”

Geoffrey, who was sitting at the table behind me, replied, “How to make the perfect cup of coffee. One, wake up at the crack of dawn. Two, start growing your own coffee tree.” And so on.


The video was actually very informative, and although there are quite a few steps, the entire process doesn’t actually take that long. Watching the barista go through the directions has only reaffirmed my desire to own a coffee brewer. If you would like to learn more about the making of coffee, from planting the seeds to how it gets to you, visit here.

Do you have any pour over coffee tips for me?



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  1. There are then the special approaches of brewing the beans.
    It can also keep you awake which is why you need to avoid it before bedtime.
    On the decorative side the game fails to impress with not enough options
    and little extras you would expect to see.


  2. I really like the dripper and glass bottle, did you DUY that or does it come as a product somewhere> PS: I enjoy your blog.

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  3. mgavan

     /  03/09/2015

    You were a barista?! Wow! I honestly have great respect for barista, even dreamed of becoming one. From watching the video, I realized that the pour over coffee is what we call here as the drip coffee. It’s actually my favorite preparation for black coffee, I prefer it over brewed coffee.

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    • Do you think that it’s worth it to invest in a drip/pour over apparatus? It looks like it would be delicious, but my only concern is that it would take too long to make just one cup of coffee!


  4. I am new to the coffee club and have very recently developed an affinity for the darkest, boldest coffee I can get my hands on. Perhaps this is my almost 30 year old crisis?
    I’m using a french press because it is easy to have at work without our health and safety committee being worried that it will set something on fire. Any suggestions?

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    • Good on for preferring bold coffee! I personally cannot stomach it. I literally get an ache from bold coffee. The lighter the roast, the better for me. Plus, lighter roasted coffee beans contain more caffeine than darker roasts! (That in itself is important :-))) !)

      I have zero experience with a French press. Do you enjoy it??


  5. Very nice video (and not just because Jenni has the cutest accent). I didn’t know ‘pour over’ was an actual process. My Cuisinart ‘Fresh Brew’ coffee maker is slowly dying. After the water heats up (if one can call it “heats up”) and passes over the coffee (“sets the bloom” per the video) I let it sit in the carafe (which sits on the coffee maker’s built-in hot plate). After it’s just steaming I perform a pour over (like in the video).

    I don’t know if it’s psychological but I swear coffee tastes better with unbleached paper filters. I use Melitta Super Premium Natural Brown.

    While it’s relatively minor, I actually do get a bloom (now that I know what it’s called) from Wellsley Farms’ Hazelnut ground coffee (which I store in the freezer). But I think I’ll get myself a coffee grinder and give fresh ground a try.

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    • Does she have an accent? I agree that she is so cute!!

      That’s so interesting about using unbleached paper filters. If I invest in a pour over, which I am definitely leaning towards getting, I will also make sure to get unbleached filters. Thank you for suggesting that!

      Amazing comment!! xx


      • Today I ordered an inexpensive (plastic) Melitta Ready Set Joe single cup brewer for $7.50 and a traditional looking Norpro coffee grinder on Amazon for $17. I just need to get the beans.


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