our american road trip through instagram photos


We officially got back from our American road trip Saturday evening. What was supposed to be an eight day vacation to five states, turned into a nine day trip to seven states! Aside from Geoffrey getting a pinched sciatica nerve halfway through our holiday, and a chipped window in the last few hours, our overall adventure was amazing and indescribable.

Here are photos from each province/state:

1. Last Canadian town // Val Marie, SK

2. Northbound // I-15, MT

3. Best stop in Wyoming // Devil’s Tower National Monument, WY

4. Travelling through the Rocky Mountains // I-70, CO

5. Four states at once // Four Corners Monument, NM

6. Beautiful landscape // H-160, AZ

7. Treasured unintentional adventure // Moab, UT

8. Family photo // Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, ID

9. Home safely // SK, Canada

Despite two minor pitfalls, this trip was more than worth it. We all had the best time, and our dogs travelled better than I ever could have imagined. Hence us extending our destinations, and time spent away.

I will be posting more photos and fun details regarding our trip on Thursday, and followed by a video next Monday. In the meantime, keep checking back!



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  1. Awesome!!

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  2. I love these pics, esp. Devils Tower and anything to do with a bridge – it must be the engineer in me. I’m following you on Instagram now. @karen_runwright

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  3. What fun photos! Looks like you enjoyed your trip!

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  4. That’s a joke, right? My dear son in law have I taught you nothing? Would you like a list of upcoming events? Starting with the spring runoff season? As in flood waters? You want sun? I can give you 8 hours of it pumping water. You want water? Surf? Wait a month. Your hip waders will be full. Scenery? Watch the ducks floating by and honking. Good old exercise? Lots of fence line to check. Paddocks to clean. Nature? How about 7 horses 4 donkeys 11 dogs and don’t forget the deer jumping fence and the occasional coyote. I see you strolling over a bridge. Well you can construct one out here You will soon need it. Mountains? You know that pile of rocks situated by your parking space? Okay load the wheelbarrow pile them high and pretend. And then put them somewhere useful. Contemplating life? Contemplate while washing those 40 plus windows that are begging for a good spring wash. Hate to rain on your parade.

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    • No, *love* to rain on his parade.

      You would want to escape all the time as well if you detested your work atmosphere like he does.


  5. G

     /  03/10/2015

    Maybe we should go on vacation again…. As in right now maybe? What do you think?

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  6. The Simple Beginner

     /  03/10/2015

    Beautiful photos!

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    • Thanks! They are all iPhone pictures, so they obviously aren’t the greatest quality. However, I still find Instagram to be the quickest and best way to share our adventures!


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      • The Simple Beginner

         /  03/10/2015

        Well then, I’ll pop over to Instagram and check them out :)


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