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untitledIn anticipation of this religious holiday, I was going to do my usual lead-up-to posts. From crafts, to recipes, to outfits, all things fun and cutesy for my readers. However, today I’ve chosen to swap out my 10 best Easter recipe post for one that is a little more meaningful.

Not too long ago, a story came to light in the news that I have been following very closely:

“Life was tough for 12 dachshunds before they arrived at the Saskatchewan SPCA earlier this month.

The neglected wiener dogs were rescued from a residence in Saskatchewan. Another eight dachshunds were rescued but had injuries that were too severe and couldn’t be saved. 

“Improper shelter, inadequate food or water and medical care not being provided, so these guys came to us and they were in poor shape,” Saskatoon SPCA executive director Patricia Cameron said. 

The survivors now need a lot of help, she said.

“All of the dogs need dental care and its going to actually amount to about $20,000 dollars, so we are appealing to the community to help these dogs.”

An investigation into what happened to these dogs is ongoing.”

– CBCNews, Saskatoon

untitled1This story really hit home with me, not only because because our own Holly is a Corgi/Dachshund mix, but because we also rescued her from the SPCA. I could never imagine doing this to her, let alone 20 little Dachshunds. So, because of Easter, and the sad nature of this tale, I’ve decided to donate money to the fundraiser for these Dachshunds and their medical bills. I’ve chosen Holy Guacamole in particular. He has the least amount raised so far, and has a cherry eye (just like Holly). You can see the Racing to a New Life campaign here.

You don’t have to donate to any organization this Easter, but I wholly encourage it. It doesn’t have to be to this fundraiser specifically, either. The possibilities are endless. There are a ton of local charities in every city and state on a global scale. If you do chose a rescue organization for animals though, think of it as the Easter Bunny visiting them in the shelter or their foster homes.

11102690_10153190998789443_807411854597704518_nHave an enjoyable and joyous weekend, everyone! See you on Easter Sunday.



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  1. Marjorie

     /  04/05/2015

    I just watched a video about a stray dog that nobody took care of. It broke my heart and had me crying the entire time I was watching the said vid. I agree that we can all contribute in our little way, to help better the lives of our furry friends. I admire you for adopting your dog, and for helping those Daschunds by donating to the campaign. God knows we need more people like you in this world.


  2. Great post, I suggest those responsible for this crime be punished just the same. So disgusting. Your dog is so cute! 😄

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    • I know, even though it is Easter, that is always my first thought as well. However, people who abuse dogs usually get away with it. At least in this life. (I secretly hope it’ll be a different story in the next!)

      Happy Easter, John!


  3. Happy Easter to Everyone!!!

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  4. my heart breaks reading these stories about mistreated animals. really breaks my heart :(

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    • I know. Sorry. However, I’ve learned that donating always makes me feel a little less sad. Maybe you find a way to alleviate your sadness as well?

      Happy Easter! <3


  5. It’s so sad to see animals mistreated in this way. Thanks so much for sharing their story and good on you for doing what you can to help them out!

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    • Awe, thank you. Yes, it’s horrendously sad to take in. However, it does happen, and we can’t ignore it.

      Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the comment. xx

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  • Hello! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of four (three on earth in heaven). This is our life on the Canadian prairies.

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