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Medicine Cabinet DIY 6-1When we were designing The Little Barn, we always knew that one of the most important rooms would be the mudroom. The reason for its significance was the fact that it had to serve various roles, from an office space, to a boot room, to a greenhouse, to a laundry room, to a dog room. While we ended up removing two of those five functions, the three most important (laundry, boots, and dogs) stayed. Because this mudroom would serve as a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, porch, and apothecary for our own animals, I wanted to make sure that it was well-equipped with everything that they could ever need and I could ever want for them. 

IMG_0134Holly has quite a few medical issues, all of which I have chronicled over the last year. This results in her having a number of medications. Rather than keeping her medicine with ours, I wanted to make her a whimsical storage unit. It was also my way of putting a positive spin on her medical issues. Plus, it looks damn delightful in their mudroom.

Medicine Cabinet DIY 1This is what you’ll need to make your own hand-painted Cross Medicine Cabinet:

Glass cabinet
Glass paint
Painter’s tape
Measuring tape


Medicine Cabinet DIY 21. Lay the medicine cabinet flat on the ground. Using the measuring and painter’s tape, measure and mark off a symmetrical cross that will be located in the centre of the cabinet.

Medicine Cabinet DIY 32. Take the base paint colour and brush. Fill in the cross. 

Medicine Cabinet DIY 43. Once the base coat is dry, take the border colour and outline the cross. I did mine using a freehand method, but you can also use the painter’s tape for cleaner lines.

Medicine Cabinet DIY 54. Once that coat is dry, it is ready to be installed and used!

Medicine Cabinet DIY 7Medicine Cabinet DIY 6<3


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  1. Very cute!


  2. Tiffany Kaya

     /  04/09/2015

    I now feel like I also need a cross medicine cabinet! I can imagine being really spooked by that spider hook haha!

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  3. Very nice!!

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  4. Love it! Simplicity at its finest.


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  5. I love it and it looks even better on the wall!

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  6. I love the shape of the cabinet you used.

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    • Thanks, Chris. We initially bought it for our new bathroom, but at the last minute, I found the coolest iron and rope mirror that matched our iron 6 barrel gun wall toilet paper holder (that was a mouthful). It was then when I decided to use it in the dog room, and the idea to paint it came to me!

      The moments that you do not plan for usually turn out to be the best surprises.


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