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dear future husband

This is my second post that will be dedicated to Miss Meghan Trainor. This girl is awesome. After falling in lust with and discussing her song here, I subsequently came to adore her next two singles as well. However, it wasn’t until her newest song, “Dear Future Husband” that I considered myself a full-fledged MegaTron (fan).

“Dear Future Husband” speaks to me on so many levels, from satisfying my ears to understanding my modern-day womanly needs. Each line in the song has been something that I have said to my own husband at one point or another in our marriage. I couldn’t believe it. Finally, I felt as if someone was on the same page as me. Only, why did it have to be this lovely lady instead of my spouse? Why can’t all men think like this? 

Before playing this song for Geoffrey, I said to him that I think that Meghan and I would be friends in real life. She just gets it. I also told him to take in every word if he never wanted to fight again. Guys, if you are reading this, then the same applies to you! Seriously, it’s just that simple. 

Turn up your speakers and listen with your ears, head, and heart. This song is for everyone.



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  1. such a great song! I need to play this to my fiance haha :D

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  2. she really does have the gift of catchy songs. They always get stuck in my head :)

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  3. I love her too! Fav song off her album is walkashame :)x

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  4. Yup – love her!

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  5. Oh Emma you have opened a whole can of worms. People don’t change darlin. They can mask their actions for awhile but we all stay true. So my words of wisdom on this subject you ask? Well better to accept your spouse for ALL their qualities. And accept the fact that what you see is really what you get. And if that is impossible than walk away. Or run. Or buy a place high in the mountains.

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  6. west517

     /  04/14/2015

    :) Ive just stumbled on her myself :) ‘Why can’t all men think like that?’ Ive wondered that ao many times! :)))

    I also wanted to let you know that my blog has changed. I lost all my content and followers during a transfer. If you would still like to follow me, my new blog address is: west517photos.wordpress.com

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