make this : wood cellphone holder

Cellphone Holder DIY 5-1“People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results.”

– Albert Einstein 

If you’re like me, or anyone else living in a First World country in the 21st century, you probably regard your cellphone as your lifeline. If you are like me, it’ll be the first thing that you grab in the morning while you are still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, know exactly where it is at all times of the day, and practically kiss it goodnight before putting it to sleep. Are you nodding your head right about now? Good.

Even though we carry on as if our iPhones and Androids are the most important appendage on our body, we don’t always treat them with care. I personally drop my phone on the ground at least twice a day. I pick it up, assess the new scratch that I (more likely than not) have just acquired, dust it off, and stuff it back into whatever pocket is free. There’s a reason why cases, screen protectors, cloths, and cleaners are so popular. In general, we suck at being gentle with our electronics. This DIY can change that!

I had the idea for a Wood Cellphone Holder after I was constantly losing either my phone or charger all over my home. I then vowed to keep it in the most accessible room, in the kitchen, right beside the sink. You might be able to tell where this is going. After getting it wet on numerous occasions, I finally had a brilliant idea to make a stand that my husband and I could both use, and would look amazing.

After scrolling through Pinterest for what seemed like an eternity, I found a few cellphone holders that I thought would match our style perfectly. The decision to make a wood one came about when I had a feeling that I could impress my husband with some newly found carpentry skills. However, because I’m pretty much Canada’s worst handyman, I needed to simplify this craft, not only for you readers, but because power saws scare me to death. The result turned out to be better than I could have imagined.

Cellphone Holder DIY 3This is what you’ll need to make a Wood Cellphone Holder:

3 pieces of wood (2 small, 1 large)
Wood glue


1. Before you begin, ensure that all three pieces of wood are the same length, and two are the same width. I purchased my pieces of wood from Michaels, since they were inexpensive, made of pine, and cut to size.

2. Lay out each piece of wood, a ruler, and wood glue. Measure and mark 1” from the bottom of the largest piece of wood. This is where you will glue the first piece on. Do this on both sides.

Cellphone Holder DIY 23. Using the wood glue, take one of the smaller pieces of wood and apply glue to the entire bottom of that piece. Immediately attach it to one side of the bigger piece where you previously marked it. Let dry.

4. Once that side is dry, repeat step #3 to the other side of the board. Let dry.

5. Now you are ready to stain. I chose American Walnut Varathane, but any brand or colour will look amazing.

6. The last step is to place your cellphone on your new holder, and simply enjoy the results. I know that your phone will be thanking you.

Cellphone Holder DIY 7Cellphone Holder DIY 6<3


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  1. Reblogged this on Ambellish Your life and commented:
    How friggin cute is this wood cell phone holder? I seriously have to put this on the very top of my very long “in the near future DIY’s” list. Can’t you just imagine this ( in a nice shade of pewter I’m thinking ) sitting on your kitchen counter or office desk silently reassuring you that it’ll protect your phone from all the dastardly happenings of being left vulnerable, and haphazardly, strewn about on various surfaces? Can’t you? Are you imagining? Good! I can’t wait to make this with you guys!!!!

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  2. This is so friggin adorable! I will definitely have to make this, I’m thinking with a few added holes for a cell phone port :)

    P.S. I’m in love with your blog

    P.P.S Like you’re really inspiring!

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  3. thanks for following my blog. Your blog is really cool. I will definitely make this. ✌️😍😂😜

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  4. Looks awesome!

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  5. Now if I could put my phone down long enough to put it in a holder. It seems to be surgically attached to my palm :-(
    Great DIY though.
    Pardon my negativity. I am still psyching myself to get out of bed

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    • Haha, that’s alright. See! We do check it even before getting out of bed. (I actually read your comment whilst lying under the covers, still half asleep.)


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