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try this : terrarium kit

Terrarium Kit DIY 5I first gave mention to this beautiful little Sedum + Moss Terrarium kit three months ago when I received it as a gift from my husband. I was so excited to plant it, but I wanted to wait for the perfect container before I did so. It took me awhile to realize that I had it all along. So rather than having to purchase a new glass terrarium, I merely rearranged some succulents, and voila! Sometimes the best surprises are those that are right under our noses.

Terrarium Kit DIY 1This kit came with everything except for the purple succulent and the river rocks. I had removed the former from another one of my plants. The latter I stole from my parent’s acreage. I was originally going to propagate the purple succulent into a new pot when another ingenious idea struck me. I had a feeling that it would look quite beautiful paired alongside this kit. It turns out that wasn’t wrong. I couldn’t imagine this terrarium kit without one!

Terrarium Kit DIY 3Terrarium Kit DIY 4Now all of my plants friends, both new and old (and stolen), can be together. :-)))

Terrarium Kit DIY 6I really love the way that this terrarium kit turned out. If and when I start to see some growth (the packaging indicates two weeks), then I may have to go out and buy another one. Stay tuned!



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  1. i just bought a terrarium similar to this one last saturday. didn’t come with all the stuff to put in it, though, so now i’m deciding whether or not to make it an actual terrarium, or repurpose it for something else… florida shells or jewelry or some other treasure…

    love your adorable blog. you remind me of someone who was once a very dear friend of mine. also, love your name. so… curious why the blog is called hello scarlett. will have to hunt around your blog for an explanation. =)

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    • Awe, thanks Georgia.

      I actually added a fair bit of my own to the terrarium as it did not come with much. Also, no succulents have really grown yet, so I don’t know if I would purchase this kit again. However, I’ll give it time, and more love. 💗

      My blog is called Hello, Scarlett in honour of my St. Bernard (Scarlett O’Hara). She had to be put down at a young age. I thought that having a website, a place that I would visit on a daily basis, would be a great reminder and honour of her life.

      Thank you for all of your kind words!

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  2. This looks charming! I have always loved the idea of having one! Pip


  3. Really beautiful! Thanks for your follow!
    Pretty Poor Living

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  4. I love the items in the kit especially the little rose. I will definitely check this out.

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  5. This looks beautiful. I was eyeing up a similar looking terrarium last weekend. I have a lovely little succulent that could do with a nicer home :)

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  6. That is so cool! I wanna make that!


  7. That is a beautiful container! It really makes the terrarium. I am planning one too but I am also after the perfect container and after seeing this one I am going to need one just like this! <3


  8. I’ve been wanting to make a terrarium for a long time now. Yours looks lovely!


  9. That looks amazing! I can imagine having one in an empty wine bottle, too. That’d be interesting.


  10. Hi Emory
    This looks so so so gorgeous…I can just imagine this plant being the center and beauty of a corner in the house…it truly is stunning! ❤
    The pot you chose seems perfect and the lil pebbles just add to the charm!

    Love from India


  11. Oh, now I need to put a terrarium on my to do list, it’s so gorgeous. Your container is so perfect, I’ll need hunt for one. I’m still terrified of somehow managing to kill the succulents haha!



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