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michelle_williams_pixie_beautyLast Friday I published a post on Floral Make-up in anticipation of our wedding anniversary photo shoot. Today I would like to show you my biggest hair inspiration for those who have a pixie cut, like I do. Or, as my mum would say, for people who hate hair.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I actually had very long, blonde hair. Then I went through my obsessed-with-my-older-brother and tomboy phase, from about grade 3 onwards. I had chin-length hair until high school, when I grew it long once again. Then, my fixation switched to Nicole Richie, and I cut my hair into a bob in university. Since then, it has only gotten shorter, then longer, then short again. I blogged about such changes here.

As Michelle Williams has said, “I feel like myself with short hair.” I couldn’t agree more. Like any individual, I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my appearance, and would change almost everything about me physically if I had the chance. What I wouldn’t change is the length of my hair. My mum and husband have said that it actually takes a lot of confidence to wear short hair. I don’t know if I would agree with that, given that I have always been very shy and have almost none. What I feel is more comfortable when it’s short. I love the feeling of having it almost shaved up the back, just barely covering my ears so that my only piece of jewelry (my earrings) are peeking out from underneath, and have side-swept bangs. Also, it takes about 20 minutes to wash, dry, and style. How could I not prefer shorter over longer length? 

Additionally, I have had every colour of hair that you can think of. Being a natural blonde, but also very pale, I hate how the colour seems to wash my skin out. I tend to not wear a lot of make-up, and I also idolize natural beauties like Marion Cotillard and Audrey Tautou. It took nearly 10 years of experimenting with different shades of brunette colour, then going back to blonde in between, but I finally feel as if we have found the right one. I also love how low-maintenance it is. Now, I can go 2-3 months without having to colour it again, whereas when I was bleach blonde, it was more like 2-3 weeks. Now, whether you like it or not, you know the backstory of my hair.

With all of that being said, it baffles me as to how many Pinterest pins of wedding styles are dedicated to up-dos and hair extensions. Where are the pixie cuts? Granted, you can’t do much with short hair except change the part, maybe add a wave, and a cute accessory. So, I would like to show you my favourite styles from my favourite actresses and pixie inspirations. Starting with Michelle, the reason why I cut my hair in the first place.

301003a84a9885b141a5f612a02a80801. Michelle Williams

tumblr_mmwjdcZhze1qgcmbyo2_r1_4002. Emily Browning

Mia_Wasikowska_0073. Mia Wasikowska

audrey-tautou4. Audrey Tautou

farrowclover5. Mia Farrow

Audrey-Hepburn-Pixie-597x7626. Audrey Hepburn

zoë-kravitz7. Zoë Kravitz. (In having just seen Mad Max, I honestly have a desire to cut my hair like this! She was so badass.)

So, my little pixie lovers, I hope that this was enough hair-porn to sustain you for awhile. I will be choosing one of these styles for our upcoming photo shoot, which is actually only a few days away.



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  1. Such good inspiration photos!! I have to admit, I’ve never dyed my hair – nor cut it short. But these are all beautiful… I just know I couldn’t pull them off!


  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog :) Loved your post! It’s an interesting observation about the lack of pixie cut wedding styles on Pinterest – you’ve definitely picked a great set of inspiration here though. With a bit of imagination and creativity, short hair wedding styles could totally take off! I’ve never really had short hair but I’ve always thought it would be great to try out, if only I had the face for it! Enjoy the photo shoot :)

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  3. I’ve only ever seen Mia Wasikowska with longer hair but that pixie cut is gorgeous on her. Have you seen her movie “Tracks”? It’s based off of the true story of a woman who walked across Australia with camels (that she trained) and her beloved dog. It’s on Netflix and it’s great!

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  4. I love pixie cuts…I’ve had short hair before but I don’t know if I would ever get it done that short…but I guess never say never :)

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  5. I had a pixie haircut years ago but I think it only really suits shorter girls, I love how Michelle looks but sadly for me long hair is basically mandatory (thick long hair takes ages to style:(()

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  6. These are great examples of beautiful pixie cuts. I’ve had varying lengths of a pixie cut, with long side bangs, for about 1.5 years. Before that, it cascaded down my back. It’s more maintenance on having it cut back into a non-floppy shape, but coloring & styling it is much faster! For a bride, I’d add a sparkly rhinestone headband or glittery fascinator. Much faster than an updo!

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  7. Pixie cuts are gorgeous! Having recently chopped off a good chunk of my hair, I admire those that can go all the way to the shortest of short! Beautiful choices :)

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  8. wbailey26

     /  05/27/2015

    Hey Girl!

    I love all of these choices. I’ve had about every style of pixie because I like to keep changing it up. When you get it cut I would ask for a razor cut so your hair will be more playful. Super short is super cute and super easy haha. but right now im loving one side long and one side shaved so I can still do some girly styles. But whatever you choose will look amazing. you have the face for it!

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  9. Amy

     /  05/27/2015

    Firstly, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I only posted my hair history for the past year alone but it’s actually pretty similar to yours…I was back and forth between short bobs and shoulder length hair for years before my now pixie. Which I’m loving, oh so dearly. I really love Michelle Williams’ cut…I also liked Ginnifer Goodwin’s (which is pretty similar) and I’ve always loved Halle Berry’s…a pixie couldn’t compliment a woman more than hers!

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  10. Harleen Bedi

     /  05/27/2015

    Lovely post! Wish I also had short hair, but currently they sit below my bum 😁

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    – N

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