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Wedding Anniversary Shoot 16Tomorrow is the day when we will finally be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary.

I have been blogging about this event for the last two months. Five years may not seem very long to a lot of couples, but it does for me in only the best way possible. We have done so much together in the last few years, and oddly enough, we have ended up in almost the precise circumstances as to when we were first married. It’s funny how life circles back around without you even realizing it.

Friends, here is our newest wedding video. We took comparable photographs to our initial set, and added both new and old to the slideshow. Seeing both concurrent with one another makes me a bit sad. If only I could keep that youth with the wisdom that I’ve learned.

The music is by Brandon Flowers, of course, since I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Geoffrey if it wasn’t for him. Feel free to watch his music video here. It’ll help you understand our own silly actions. :-)))

Have a great weekend! Make sure to check back on Tuesday, since I have a huge blogging surprise for you guys! Like MASSIVE!



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  1. Well…Emory they’ll just get sweeter each year!!! Cheryl xx

  2. Really nice to see, like it :)

  3. This is beautiful. <3 Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Joanne S

     /  06/06/2015

    Very well done. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  6. Jord K

     /  06/05/2015


    Very well done with the video. I feel that the style perfectly captures you both; cute and sentimental. We quite enjoyed watching that one.

    Happy Anniversary to you both. Five years is worthy milestone. Looking back at the photos, the changes are subtle (other than Geoff apparently not shaving since your wedding) but it seems you have grown together in a natural way. With all of the recent, and pending, changes in your lives I would expect that the next five years will be full of excitement and adventure for you both.

    All the best you two. We will be wishing you the best as you continue to write your story.


    • Leave it to you to have the most sentimental and longest comment. Thanks Jord. I always love hearing your advice.

  7. Cuteness overload…in the best way!

  8. How lovely! Congrats!

  9. Congrats on the anniversary! And Brandon Flowers/The Killers is one of my faves.

  10. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in Greece at the end of April they just keep getting better and better, 5 children later they are the absolute best gift of all! Your Florida USA Bud, Cheryl
    PS Happy 5th to you both.

    • 5 children in 12 years? That sounds heavenly.

      Right now my sister is pregnant with her 5th and is also celebrating their 5th anniversary. I like your story much more.

  11. Lovely video! Best wishes for you both.😊

  12. Happy anniversary to you both. ^___^

  13. G

     /  06/05/2015

    Perfect! You are so amazing at these videos and photography! Really cute! So much has changed and not much at the exact same time :) Awe, to be a kid again ;)


    – N

  15. Loved it 💕

  16. LOVED this. All of this! Can’t wait to hear your big news!

  • Welcome, friends! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of two (one earthside and one with the angels), and an animal rescuer. This is our life on the Canadian prairies.

  • I was intending for this video to only be in my stories. After watching it again and again, I decided to post it in my feed as well. I wish to never forget moments like these. Remy’s typical game of asking to go in her crib only to throw everything out of it and pretend to go to sleep. Or her new one- taking her rings in with her and playing with them (after she throws everything out, of course). She makes me say every colour before going to the next one. Then she stacks them up, gets out, and shelves the toy until we have to repeat the game all over again. I let her make her messes all while trying to spend every waking and spare minute with her. These are our days and rituals. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t wake up with this much energy.
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