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Wedding Anniversary Shoot 9Guys, you all have been so kind with your words and wishes regarding our recent wedding anniversary. Do you know what? I yearn to hear your own stories as to how you met and married your significant other (both past or present). I just love a good love story.

If you feel like sharing,  please comment below! I will certainly be responding to those brave souls who do.



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  1. G

     /  06/08/2015

    This was a great idea. Reading all these stories is pretty interesting, really enjoyed it!! Keep those stories coming people :)

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  2. Single as a pringle here, but love reading all the love stories in the comments!!

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    • Haha, I’ve never heard that saying before! I love it.

      These stories are amazing, I never expected such a great response. I’m sure your happy ending will come. ❤️


  3. College Sweethearts!

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  4. Joanne S

     /  06/08/2015

    Next weekend will mark 35 years since George and I wed. Looking back, we’ve learned a few things about ourselves:
    -we were so young, we didn’t realize we that we were marrying our soul mates.
    -that our hearts could expand and grow in awe as we became parents.
    -it could only take an instant for our world to crumble when our children were diagnosed with a life threatening disease.
    -we could burst with pride: our children have grown into two lovely young women with bright futures.
    -conviction that ‘family’ is larger than four. It is who we count upon.
    -sometimes you just have to laugh at life.
    -after all these years, our hearts continue to fill with moments to come.

    Thanks, for such a thoughtful & sharing post. :)

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    • What a beautiful story and advice. I’m so glad that you shared this! I’m so happy for your family overcoming such obstacles and thriving. I can only imagine how lovely and thankful you all must be. This has honestly made my day, week, month, and more! ❤️


  5. Ankita & Karan (

     /  06/08/2015

    Hi there Emory!
    Before I ramble on about how I met my hubby, I have to say that the picture of you two is so cute!!! <3
    Well, for our story now…here I go – So Karan & I have been married for a little over 2 years now and noonne believes it, but it was an arranged marriage.
    So I was at a point in life where I'd almost given up on finding 'true love'… but somehow was still adamant that I would settle for nothing short of 'THE ONE"!… (the awful things that romantic movies and books do to your brain!)…. until one day this guy (who is also looking for his 'perfect' one) pops out of nowhere and calls my dad to say he'd like to talk and meet up (You see we both had our details up on a matrimony website – HAHAHAHAHA!).
    Before we knew it… we were making phone calls and sending each other texts… it felt like I'd found a friend in him.
    We met shortly afterwards and the 1st time we met he was so shy that he looked shocked when I hugged him! ;P
    Karan was everything I'd wanted and more…. and it took me less than an hour to realise that that day :)
    He was patient, he was polite, he was considerate, he respected people around him – the ones he knew and even the ones he didn't…. he said 'thank you' to everyone who served us at the restaurant… he held the door open for me and anyone walking behind me.. he was a thorough gem and a gentleman… more so he wasn't brash or loud… he wasn't spoilt and he wasn't full of himself!
    When I look back it's hard to believe…because we got engaged the very next day! (You see, I was sure i'd found 'THE ONE') and 6 months down the line we were married <3
    It's been over 2 years and it still feels like we met yesterday… he's my BEST FRIEND… he's my rock and support system….he's my punching bag too! … He's my Boo… my most Precious!


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    • I have honestly never heard of a love story quite like this one. I’m incredibly thankful for you sharing it! I wish you all the best in the future!


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  6. I’ve written it out on my blog, so it’s taken from my love story. Technically this is the abbreviated version, since we’ve also been in a long distance relationship from Grade 10 until our both of our last years of college

    It was the second week of Grade 9, when I was grabbing something from my locker. There he was, standing facing his locker, probably getting his books for his next class. I saw the back of his head. His hair was brown and short, just like every other guys at the time, but I thought he was cute(ya know…from the back of his head, I could tell?!) so I decided to go up to him and introduce myself, so I did. He told me his name was Andrew. And just like that, we became school friends. We started hanging out in a group, but never getting that close until second semester Geography class, when we finally were in the same class. We hung out and talked a lot, and our friendship grew but then summer finally arrived and we went our separate ways.

    The summer went by quickly and we were in Grade 10. We went back to our friendship, just like no time had even passed. We were hanging out at lunchtime, and at school events A LOT. I wasn’t sure I like, liked him but when a mutual friend called me up and told me he was talking about me nonstop and wanted to know if I would go out with him, I hesitantly said yes, and we’ve been together ever since.

    One month shy of our 13 year dating anniversary, we got married.

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    • Ankita & Karan (

       /  06/08/2015

      Awwwww….that’s SOOOOOO cute!
      Congratulations & I hope you two are having a beautiful life together & that you continue to love & cherish each moment <3

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    • Congratulations! Everything was meant to be in the end. Now you have a new beginning, together. 😊


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