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il_fullxfull.670599929_e3wdAh, end of Spring. Glorious sunshine and colourful surroundings. You renew my soul and love for whimsical things like nothing else can. So where do I go when I need to fulfil my lust for beautiful items? To Etsy, duh!

Here are my latest finds:

il_fullxfull.655834326_k4td1. Pony Oxfords from goldenponies.

il_fullxfull.494493635_cvxm2. Geometric Shirt from PigPigCowDesigns.

il_fullxfull.769955273_4iel3. Cactusland Collar from BaobapHandmade.

il_fullxfull.651807572_raxd4. Suspender Shorts from RogueMinxClothing.

il_fullxfull.652682141_9pmt5. Bear Cutting Board from StudioLilesadi.



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  1. EVR Creations has great jewelry. Ver nice and rare pieces:

  2. Really Interesting, amazing articles

  3. I ADORE the bear chopping board!!!

    • I know!

      My first tattoos were bear paws, so I’ve always been partial to anything Ursidae-related. The girls on A Beautiful Mess had a pig cutting board, which I thought was so cute. When I saw this one on Etsy, it was love at first sight. :-)

  4. Great finds!

  5. i love all of these!! that collar is perfect for fashion week :)
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  6. I love how artsy these things are. :D

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