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DSCN3287DSCN2731DSCN2896DSCN3010DSCN3213_3DSCN3071DSCN3249DSCN2988DSCN3099DSCN3505DSCN3520DSCN3379Over the last month or so, I have often found myself looking through old photographs. I have come to realize that I am having a difficult time in grasping just how much has occurred in these past few years. I used take pride in accomplishing a lot in a short amount of time. Looking back now, I feel as if I should have slowed down, and appreciated more of what I had in that moment (namely my naiveté and youth). With my 30th birthday being just around the corner, I am starting to feel my age.

I don’t know if you are in the same boat as I am, but I also feel as if this summer has flown by too quickly. Usually by now, my husband and I have already been on one or two camping trips. However, with the madness of these last few months, which includes relocating my store, our new income property, and Geoffrey soon becoming a full-time student (among other surprises), I have been praying for a bit of sanity to come my way in August. 

We have one big trip planned for the very end of the month. When we return, our lives will continue to change regardless of whether or not we are ready for them to.

Here are my favourite photos from our first trip as a married couple. They were taking only four years ago, but they seem to be part of another lifetime.



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  1. Great photos; and I’m sure that each every one of them had a wonderful story to tell…
    Love that hat store you were in, I have a ‘hat fetish’ (aka love wearing hats), I simply can’t walk pass a hat shop without walking in to check it out, here’s my hat story I’d like to share:

    Vivienne X


  2. I totally know how you feel! We’re all so busy and sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. Hopefully things slow down soon. Enjoy!


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  3. Beautiful memories in lovely photos, you certainly seem to have had a crazy last year or so. I hope a little calm comes your way <3

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  4. My husband and I talk about this ALL the time. Life is going WAY too quickly for my liking.

    P.S. We haven’t gone to the cottage at all this summer either…just too busy!

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  5. Life has a way of zipping by…I am 32 college graduate, mother of five, and I say where has time gone too????

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