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Golden Hour 3The more that I learn about photography, both by reading and through trial and error, the more I am amazed at how the most subtle changes can make the world of difference. For instance, I am a huge fan of landscape photography. Yet, only last year did I learn that there is a “right” and “wrong” time to shoot outdoors. Are any of you aware of this rule? It’s what is called the Golden or Magic Hour. It is known as the time immediately succeeding dawn, and preceding dusk.

Because I cannot learn anything without having the urge to share it with my readers, I decided to lead by example. Above is a photograph that was taken during this time last year just prior to the sun setting. There is no filter on the picture. Below is another photograph that was taken at the same location, but in the middle of the afternoon. Again, without a filter.

Golden Hour 4Can you see the difference?

Golden Hour 4Prior to sunset (no filter).

Golden Hour 2In the afternoon (no filter).

The difference is astounding. For those of you who are amateur photographers like I am, I wholly encourage you to take the Golden Hour into consideration if and when you decide to shoot outside. Also, to read up on any tips and tricks that you can get your hands on. It’s as simple as googling “best times to take photographs outdoors.” I guarantee you that your own skills will vastly improve by doing so. Who knows, one day we might actually be mistaken for professionals!



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  1. What an incredible difference! Your photos are always beautiful

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    • Awe thanks Holly. But I still have a lot to learn, and always feel as if my photos are not on par with the photographers that I truly admire.

      Yes, the difference is incredible! Honestly, the most minor of circumstances can completely change the outcome of a photograph. If only we could know ALL of the secrets to a great picture! :-)))

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  2. I’ve heard that there are even apps that let you know when the golden hour is in your area. Pretty cool!

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    • Oh my goodness. Well, that just reminds me of the saying, “there’s an app for that.” I should seriously look into downloading it, though. Thanks for the tidbit!!!

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      • No problem :) I would download it bc it’s useful, but I don’t take many pictures outside!


  3. G

     /  09/01/2015

    I adore your photos. You always know just how to position the camera, when to take the photo, etc and now I’m discovering your secret. Yay! Who knew such a simple thing as the golden hour would make such a difference:) Keep those tips coming, lord knows I need them ;)

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