16 weeks pregnant

16 weeks pregnantWell guys, I am finally at the long-awaited 16 week mark in my pregnancy! When the morning sickness initially settled in, my sister (who is also pregnant) had told me that everything would get better around this time. She was right! My symptoms are not nearly as bad, and although I feel much more tired than in my first trimester, my returning health has given me a new lease on life. I have even started going to the gym again! 

Here is a little update from Baby K. So much is happening this week! Also, I have finally got a bump! It seems to have come out of thin air, and appeared sometime last week. It will get much bigger in the next three weeks, and I cannot wait.


I hope that the baby is happy and healthy in its temporary home. In the meantime, I should probably stop jumping around. I’m just so happy!



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  1. Awesome!

  2. This is gorgeous. I am glad you are feeling a bit better now :)

  3. You’re so freaking cute! Looking forward to the updates!

    • Oh, thank you. *blush blush blush*

      I am so body-shy, and initially wasn’t planning on posting updates. I wouldn’t even show my family my growing bump through clothes, nor was my husband allowed to touch my belly! However, last week I woke up and thought, ‘this could be my only pregnancy, and I just so happen to have a blog right now. Why not document it?’ So I am.

      I appreciate the comment SO MUCH!! Thank you again!!

  4. The time will go by quickly Emory!!!

  5. Congratulations! The pure glee in your face in that video was infectious; really made me smile.

  6. Congratulations! The pure glee in your face in that video was infectious- really made me smile

  7. Joanne S

     /  09/21/2015

    Having a baby is so exciting. Enjoy every minute!

    • Thanks Joanne! I honestly haven’t, but I am starting to now. Weeks 4-14 were HORRENDOUS. I wouldn’t have wished that kind of sickness upon my worst enemy. However, they’re in the past, and it has only made me stronger. I have truly been enjoying the last 2 weeks, and am really excited to be in my second trimester. Now the time seems to be flying by!

      Have a great Hump Day! <3<3

  8. G

     /  09/21/2015

    Time has gone by so quickly! Wow. Where have all these weeks gone? Well you are glowing my dear, fantastic photos! You look great!

  9. Your bump is adorable!

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