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Movie Date OOTD - 3Movie Date OOTD - 4A few days ago, Geoffrey and I went to see the film The Martian. What a great movie! We were able to catch it in 3D, which only made the experience that much more enjoyable. Coming from someone who is obsessed with thrillers and gory films, this one was equally as intense as watching a horror movie. I had to cover my eyes throughout several parts. It was that good!

Movie Date OOTD - 10Movie Date OOTD - 7Movie Date OOTD - 1Given that it is mid-October and we are still not wearing jackets during the day, I decided to take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather. I am trying to get away with not buying maternity clothes. So far, it has been easy. I have purchased a few new dresses, all one size up from what I normally wear. My leggings still fit, albeit they now rest under my growing stomach rather than comfortably on top. In two more days, I will be at the 20 week mark. I wonder how much longer I can go before I cave and have to start buying maternity outfits? 

Movie Date OOTD - 5I purchased my dress from ThreadSence. The wool hat and terrarium necklace are for sale in the store.



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  1. Looking fab girl! Keep on rocking those reg. clothes as long as possible. Love those boots. Love yr spirit. Have an awesome day.

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  2. ellegeemakes

     /  10/14/2015

    Super cute outfit, that movie is on my to do list!

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  3. G's Mom

     /  10/14/2015

    I loved the book by Andy Weir, and now am delighted to see that Ridley Scott has managed to translate the science, raw emotion and humor to the big screen. Great date night movie!

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    • It was!

      I haven’t read the book yet. I only like to read the novels after seeing the films, otherwise I feel as if I am critiquing the movie the entire time that I am watching it, and they never seem to live up to the stories that they are based off of. Plus, I have the added bonus of having visuals in my head, once I get to the novels.

      Yet, most people prefer it the other way around. I commend them!


  4. G

     /  10/14/2015

    Beautiful outfit! Perfect date! What more could a guy ask for? ;)

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  5. You look great Emory! OMG almost half way, ahhh!! :D

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    • Thanks! Yes, half way! This is the first time that I am excited for the days and weeks to be flying by. I can’t wait to see our little one in person.


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  6. You look fantastic! I remember how exciting it was and sometimes wish I were still in that stage of life of having new wee bairns to hold. Looks like you’re truly embracing it all. It’s such a wonderful journey to be on! Congratulations to you and your hubby!

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  • Hello! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of four (three on earth in heaven). This is our life on the Canadian prairies.

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