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20 weeks pregnant

20 Weeks PregnantI am officially halfway through my pregnancy! Hallelujah!

20 Weeks Pregnant - 2My last update was 4 weeks ago. So far, there have been more downs than ups. Yet, this may be my one and only time being pregnant, so I am trying to stay happy and positive throughout. It’s honestly not hard, not even when I have the worst migraine and backache, and I catch a smell that makes me want to vomit, all the while not being able to enjoy the taste of anything because for 20 weeks it feels as if I have a metal tongue. All I have to do is look down and think, oh, you are in there and are alive! I instantly feel better.

20 Weeks Pregnant - 3Let’s just hope that my husband thinks that I’ve been good about not complaining like I do. ;-)))



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  1. Congrats! Huge milestone for any mama!

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  2. Yay for half way! <3 Loving your updates Emory, you look amazing

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  3. Oh a massive congrats!!! 20 weeks is a huge milestone–I’m at 32 now, very exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel;-) We’re also waiting to find out the gender, which is honestly what I’m most excited about! Best of luck for the 2nd half!!!

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  4. So exciting, Scarlett!

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  5. Congrats!!! Hang in there. Its hard work but totally worth it ;) you are doin great!

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  6. Yea!!!! Congrats!! ♡

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  7. G

     /  10/19/2015

    Babe, you have done an amazing job! I wouldn’t change a thing. I haven’t notice any complaining, you will be a terrific mum! Only 20 more!!!

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  8. Emory its ok all you are experiencing many others have as well. I assure you it is worth every minute when you hold that babe in your arms the first time-hang in there. Cheryl

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