our new crib : a jenny lind

Red Jenny LindWhen we took our trip to Edmonton, AB, our goals were to buy our baby-to-be a travelling set (stroller and car seat) and a nursery set (a crib, dresser, and rocking chair). We had wanted to get the majority of our shopping done in that city as opposed to ours since the province has only one sales tax, whereas our province has both. Additionally, they have an IKEA store. Enough said!

I had always hoped that when we did  decide to have children, we would be able to buy everything from IKEA. Years ago we would spend our Sunday afternoons in the store dreaming about the furniture that we wanted for our future lives. This included their cribs and dressers. When I found out that I was pregnant I was already beginning to plan what its nursery would look like. Creating that finished product would inevitably involve a trip back to Edmonton’s IKEA to purchase the items that had been on my wish list for five years. So off we went. Soon after walking around the Swedish store, we realized that our dreams would have to remain just that. They were no longer keeping the cribs and dressers in stock. Fighting back tears (me, not Geoffrey), we left. Because we were leaving the province that day, we knew that we had to find an alternative store, and choose different nursery furniture all within a few hours. We decided to return to West Coast Kids. I cried the entire way.

Once at West Coast Kids, it had only taken a few minutes before we picked out a different crib. Out of the dozens that were there, only one had jumped out at me from the day before. It was turquoise and vintage-inspired, and was reminiscent of our green, antique bed which, coincidently, would also be in the same room as our future crib. They even both have wheels! We were sold.

Scandinavian crib styleWhile it is not an IKEA crib, the Jenny Lind has grown on me. Now, I prefer it to our original choice. It still has a Scandinavian feel, but is much more unique looking and better fitting with our own taste. Here are the specs on the crib:

A beloved nursery favorite, DaVinci’s Jenny Lind Crib features intricate detailing and signature spindle posts. Loved for its timeless elegance, Jenny Lind graces your nursery with a unique charm and innocence. Jenny Lind Crib meets or surpasses the latest safety standards, and every crib undergoes individual inspection.

  • Classic rich finishes to complement your nursery
  • Four adjustable mattress levels to set a safe height you can reach comfortably
  • Extend use of your crib with toddler bed and daybed conversions
  • Breathe easy with non-toxic finishes that exceed safety standards
  • Metal and spring mattress support gives optimum support
  • Extra strong slats for extra security
  • Support sustainability — made from New Zealand pine wood from sustainable, expanding forests

Apartment Therapy also has a slideshow of these cribs in real rooms.

IMG_0580All in all, and tears aside, this was only another lesson on how life never truly goes as planned, but somehow works out in the end. Our job is to just to roll with it. Kind of like the crib, and how I anticipate parenting will be.



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  1. We debated getting this crib, but went with another vintage looking crib since the color we wanted wasn’t available. The turquoise is a fantastic choice! Can’t wait to see your nursery.


  2. that is a beautiful crib! I’ve heard some not-so-great things about ikea cribs (saying this as someone who loves ikea), including a recall, so you’ve definitely gotten an upgrade from that.

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    • Really? I wasn’t aware of the recall. And yes, putting together IKEA furniture can be like trying to build a working rocket to send to the moon. Maybe it was fate that they didn’t have any in the store after all …



  3. Firstly congratulations.. how exciting to be parents..
    I Love your choice of Crib… when are you due? I must have missed all these good news when u posted earlier.

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    • March 4, 2016. I’m currently a little over 5 months. At the beginning of December, I will be in my 3rd trimester already! Time is flying by. :-)))

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  4. Love the crib you chose! The color is beautiful! I only recently learned about JL beds myself, apparently my mom had that crib for me, haha. But I noticed that landofnod.com has JL beds in toddler/twin size if you want to keep the same style when your little one gets older 💗

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  5. Jen

     /  11/10/2015

    I have always been a huge fan of the Jenny Lind crib!! My favorite color is the aqua one!!!

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  6. Jenny Lind! Good choice Emma.

    The turquoise color is spectacular. So New Mexico. Turquoise is a sacred stone in the southwest. But that is for another day.

    When you called me from the baby store weeping I thought perhaps you had been mugged or lost your husband(😉). However, after we disconnected I enjoyed a laugh at your expense. Crying in a store? Oh those hormones. I have been walking on eggshells believe it or not for months now. My little pregnant momma. Love your cheeks!

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  7. Jo

     /  11/10/2015

    I, too, used a Jenny Lind crib for my baby boy who is now 33 years old. Then we passed it on to his cousin. What color did you ultimately choose? Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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    • Did you?? Oh my goodness, I love how everyone that I talk to on WordPress seems to have used one. I think that great minds think alike!

      Our options were white, grey, and turquoise. Because we don’t know what we are having, and the baby’s room already has a green antique bed in it, we chose turquoise to keep with a whimsical theme. You can see our exact crib in the last photo. :-)


  8. Joanne S

     /  11/10/2015

    Both our daughters slept in JL cribs. I love the simple design. Again, congratulations! How exciting to start a fresh new outlook on life. (BTW, I vote red).

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