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nursery diy : hanging ultrasound frame

DIYSonogramFrameI love having an ultrasound done. Sure, it can be nerve-wracking, but that moment when the screen is flipped towards you and you are finally able to see your little one’s first movements and beautiful features, well, I honestly feel my heart muscles expanding. Baby’s first pictures are quite amazing as well. I think that we are so blessed to be able to see inside our bodies, and to be able to have a photograph of that growing life is something that I will always cherish. So I decided to turn my sonogram pictures into a woodsy and whimsical frame, very reminiscent of the type of nursery that I envision for our newest family member.

DIY Sonogram Frame - 1Supplies:

Ultrasound photos
Photo frames
Burlap fabric
Wood glue

DIY Sonogram Frame - 3Steps:

1. The first step is to draw and cut a template out for one flag. Determine how many flags will be needed by placing it onto the frame itself. Cut out the rest of the flags.

2. Next, measure the width of the frame with the thread. Add an extra few inches so that it will hang loosely, and can tie around the back of the frame. Cut and set aside.

3. Now you can thread the flags. Begin at the back of the flag, pull it across the front, and thread it through the back again in an over and under motion.

DIY Sonogram Frame - 24. Then glue the bottom of your top frame to the top of your bottom frame. Let set.

DIY Sonogram Frame - 45. Once the frames are dry, place the flags onto the front of the frame, letting it hang loosely. Tie it around the back and glue into place. Let dry once again.

DIY Sonogram Frame - 76. The last step is to add your pictures to the DIY. Easy!

DIY Sonogram Frame - 5I was initially only anticipating the two photographs. However, now that I will be needing at least one more ultrasound, adding a third frame will be fairly straightforward. I will simply have to repeat the craft one more time, which is OK with me. :-)



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  1. super cute frame!! you’re so lucky you get multiple ultrasounds :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am happy to be able to see my baby’s face at least one more time, but I just wish it was under different circumstances. I have placenta previa, and so my 3rd ultrasound is to determine whether or not I’ll be needing a C-section. I hope that it doesn’t come to that!

      Thanks for the comment!! :-)))


  2. Such a lovely idea! I have tons of scan photos from all of my nervy 1st trimester weeks- thanks for the idea of something to do with them all!

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  3. Looks great!!

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  4. gjkool

     /  11/16/2015

    Little one!! When are you coming out to say hi? :) hurry Pops! Great little craft E <3

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  5. Woo-Hoo! Love it!

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  6. This is adorable!! I can’t wait for it to arrive :)

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  7. Hello little one! A few more months and you will be making an entrance into this world! Oh the places you will go and the things you will see. And the love you will receive.

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  8. Jen

     /  11/16/2015

    That turned out really cute!! I love the burlap flags!

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