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24 weeks

24WeeksPregnantYippeeee!! I’m now 24 weeks pregnant! Every time that I see or tell someone that I know or are meeting for the first time that I’m expecting, their first reaction is to look at my stomach. Then they say, “you are?” I reply that I am and tell them how far along the baby is. They never believe me. While I do feel huge, I kind of wish that I had a bigger stomach at five and a half months just so that I would have to stop trying to convince people. Oh well. As long as the little one is healthy, I am happy.

By the time that I publish this, I’ll actually be 24 weeks and 5 days. That means I only have to wait two more weeks until I’m in my last trimester. Time, you are on my side. I love you for that.



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  1. that happened to me all the time with my first! people would also say “you don’t even look pregnant!” like it was supposed to be some kind of compliment? it was like, … well, I am, and I do though!

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  2. I’ve got the opposite – my tummy is so big everyone thinks I’m due tomorrow hahahaha

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  3. You look cute in red. Your bump is there alright. High and pronounced. Just wait until you can balance a plate on it!

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  4. Emory the first is always so special-well they all are really! LOL enjoy it’ll be fine my friend! Cheryl

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  5. Timothy Price

     /  11/18/2015


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  6. When I saw this photo I was also confused because you said you were 24 weeks along. Like you said, it doesn’t matter if you can see the belly or not, as long as the baby is healthy that is all the matters :) Wish you the best of luck for your last trimester.
    Thays <3

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    • Haha. Do I not look it?

      Yes, all I care about is the health of the baby. Aside from having placenta previa, everything looks ok so far. Let’s just hope that there are no C-sections in my future!

      Thanks for the comment. xxoo

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  7. gjkool

     /  11/18/2015

    Well you look amazing babe, don’t worry what ppl say! And you are right as long as our little one is happy that’s all that matters! But the timing is flying by…. I cannot believe it!

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