past the golden hour

SHEIN Dress - 3I wanted to try an after Golden Hour photo shoot. The evenings are getting shorter, and I had never successfully done one before. While the lighting can be tricky, the shots don’t always come out clear. Even with a tripod. I also move around a lot when having my picture taken, so that certainly doesn’t help when the camera is already having difficulty focusing. 

SHEIN Dress - 1

I will definitely need to experiment more with the editing tools in my Lightroom program. Until then, these were the results.

Enjoy your last day in November, all!



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  1. I love that light, too. Very lovely, thanks for sharing it


  2. Golden hour photos are the best, but ahhhh it’s so hard to find the time to get out and catch the glorious light– especially in the winter time!

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  3. Liz

     /  11/30/2015

    Love it! I get so intimidated by low light or dusk. These turned out beautiful!

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    • They’re much too grainy, I think. I generally add light grain to my photos, but because these were taken with my back to the setting sun, I had to increase the exposure immensely. That turned into a significant amount of grain, and still too-dark photos. I am tempted to have another photo shoot at this time, just so I can play around with the settings more. (I also should have change the settings on my camera.)

      Thanks for your comment!


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      • Liz

         /  11/30/2015

        I have the same issue with grainy photos too! Though I don’t have that keen of an eye yet so it’s not the first thing I notice!! It’s really a trial and error with photography, in my opinion, and you just have to keep clicking away until it’s perfect. Although, I think your photos are always great so…

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