i have finally popped

Third Trimester Photography - 3I was a little apprehensive about this title, only because ‘popped’ is so easily mistaken for another word. But it’s true. My stomach has finally popped. It happened somewhere around 25 weeks. I truly do look pregnant now! Well, maybe not in a black dress. But I do swear that it’s evident. :-)))

Third Trimester Photography - 2Holly and I are so excited to breeze through the remaining 13 weeks. Can’t you tell?

Third Trimester Photography - 1See y’all tomorrow!



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  1. May I suggest the book, Back Labor No More by Janie McCoy King. I used the lift technique for two out of the three births and only wished I did it for my first. If the baby is in the right position it really works so make sure you are where you want to be to have the baby before you do the lift.


  2. Sophie

     /  12/08/2015

    Lovely bump :)


  3. Soon, you will be even more excited when the baby finally poops. It’s the most exciting thing.


  4. I remember that day when I was pregnant with my first! It’s so exciting to finally look pregnant.

    (Of course, at 41+ weeks with my second, I’m now ready to not look pregnant . . . . heh.)

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  5. Looking fabulous >3

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  6. I didn’t ‘pop’ till I was 7months!

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  7. gjkool

     /  12/03/2015

    Awe, little pops. You look great!! Keep it up ♥️

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  8. Jen

     /  12/03/2015

    lmao at your first sentence, because that’s exactly what I read at first…hahaha. Funny how black is so slimming..at certain angles in black I don’t even look that pregnant either!!

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    • Haha I was afraid of that. It’s the same as when bloggers discuss their “No Poo” lifestyle. I automatically think that they’re talking about a bowel movement, when really it’s about not using shampoo. This post would’ve gone a completely different way if I was talking about the word that is similar to popped!

      And yes, I had always heard that black is slimming, but didn’t realize how slimming until becoming pregnant.

      Congrats on your pregnancy! <3<3


  • Hello, friends. My name is Emory. I live on the Canadian prairies with my husband, daughter, and animals. Welcome!

  • A horribly blurry picture that pretty much sums up our week together. It's been 5 days and our home is nearly flu-free. Dada is off working in a different province, (smiles aside) Remy is not happy with me today, our house is a renovation disaster, and I have a photography session scheduled tomorrow that I'm not yet sure if I need to hire a babysitter for. I'm not going to lie, I'm really looking forward to this week being over with. It was not easy, however that's life. There is so much that I do have to be thankful for! We are in good health 99% of the time. My husband finally has a great job. I am lucky to be able to work when I want at what I want. We have a house. Most importantly, I have my little goose to snuggle with. I sincerely hope that if anyone else is having a bad day/week/month/year, that you can also find the silver lining. Our own life is not for everyone, nor is it Instagram perfect. If we're lucky, it is the one that we desire, even in the difficult times. Enjoy your weekend! Thank goodness for breastfeeding. My darling caught her first flu yesterday. I tried giving her bland foods and drinks all day- she wouldn't touch them. Then I tried her favourites- still nothing. Instead, all she wanted to do was nurse round the clock. That is how we spent the majority of the day- nursing, bathing, cuddling, barfing, repeating.
My goal was to breastfeed Remy until she was 18 months old. After that I had no plans. As she is nearing month 19 earthside, I've discovered that she has no intention of stopping. 
On the rare occasions when she's sick, I'm reminded of why we have kept it up for this long, and why we keep on going. I'm almost certain that she would've become dehydrated yesterday if it wasn't for me nursing her. So although fed is best, the breast is truly a gift.
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