28 weeks

28 WeeksFriends, I am now in my third trimester!

This pregnancy has certainly has been a roller coaster. Never again will I want to repeat weeks 4-18. Throwing up everyday is not my thing, nor is neglecting work and staying in bed. What made it worse is that I still had dogs to walk and a house to run, given that my husband is only home for about 2 waking hours a day. I was sick and on my own. Good riddance to those days!

28Weeks-2Once I was into my second trimester, I began to feel like myself again. Most importantly, I could return to my store and the gym. I finally returned to a productive routine. Waking up, walking the dogs, working, going into town to mail and deliver items, going to the gym, coming back home, walking the dogs, working, cleaning the house, napping, walking the dogs, making supper, working, falling into bed, and finally, seeing my husband around 10 pm. This schedule has continued until now, and I hope that I can maintain it until my due date. 

PoppySure I had HG, placenta previa, have gained weight, a shoe size, and stretch marks, but now, I am feeling so great. Above all, baby appears to be healthy and even measuring 3 days bigger than its due date! (Here he/she is at the 27 week scan.) People in general are so supportive, and rather than worrying about if and when we should have children, I now have one less decision to make. Now that I am definitely attending school this coming fall, I believe that 2016 will be so bright. If this was my only gift this holiday season, I would be more than happy with that.



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  1. Hi Thanks a lot for liing and following my blog.

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  2. wishing you a happy baby journey

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  3. I’m glad that morning sickness didn’t last long for you. I had morning sickness too. It did make working and commuting much harder. Nice routine that you have. Lots of walking is good.

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  4. Cute outfit!!! I love pregnant bellies at Christmas and in the winter time.. always so cozy looking :)

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  5. We do wish you continued good health and peace of mind. Those early weeks sure are ghastly, so now let’s hope you can relax and enjoy things more! Pip

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  6. Soon you will hold that babe in your arms and your world will ROCK!!! Happy Holidays Emory. Cheryl

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  7. closetomyheartadmin

     /  12/14/2015

    Aw… you’re carrying so neat. Not long now. Wishing you a lovely last trimester.

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