five best christmas films

fd5ce6431f92eb6be561441a41945acfFor me, Christmastime is synonymous with snowy landscapes, cozy houses, warm blankets, and movies. I love the feeling of being wrapped up indoors, and finally having the time to sit around and watch festive films for hours on end. Gifts and family aside, that quiet time is really something to be coveted. I know that it’s one of our household’s most treasured pastimes. 

Here is a list of my favourite Christmas movies:

christmas-vacation-movie-poster1. Christmas Vacation

homealone-poster12. Home Alone

4e32b121851bd78d6b48fd42c4de6055201409081953033. Die Hard

The-Ice-Harvest-movie-poster4. The Ice Harvest

Love-actually-poster5. Love Actually

What are yours, readers?



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  1. I’d rank Love Actually as 1. I do love Die Hard though- Would appreciate it if you could check out my own 100 Word Review of it:


  2. I love the classics like Charlie Brown Christmas

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  3. We watched Home Alone on Thanksgiving day, Christmas Vacation the day after that, and Die Hard, last Sunday! Elf, The Family Stone,and It’s A Wonderful Life will round out our annual holiday watch list. Oh yeah..and Love Actually. I think we’re on the same page. Merry Christmas!!!!

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    • I still need to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. It was playing in the theatre this year. There was just no time to go and see it. Maybe next year.

      Merry Christmas!

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      • It’s actually my all-time-favorite movie. I’ll make you a deal: if you find the time to rent it this season, and you don’t love it, I’ll reimburse your rental fee! I sell on eBay too, so I can just send you the money via PayPal. That’s how strongly I feel about it. 🤓🎄😍


  4. Got to agree with you. These are some great movies for the Holidays.

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  5. Love your list! I also love The Family Stone and Elf around this time of year😊

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  6. Christmas Vacation- total tradition at our house..Every year we laugh as if we’ve never seen it before.

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