32 weeks

32Weeks-3Week 32 you are here!

So much has changed recently, not only with the baby’s development but with my own body and lifestyle as well. At 30 weeks I went in for my regular checkup. After explaining how I was having contractions all day long, everyday, for many weeks now, my doctor decided to perform an exam. She discovered that I was already 2 cm dilated. I was immediately told how I have to slow down and cut down several activities (such as exercise, work, and more). She added that I would have to go into the hospital if I felt sick in any way. Additionally, I was warned that my situation may also turn into bed rest.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI left the appointment feeling upset. That stress then triggered intense contractions for the remainder of the night, which only made things worse. My mood did not pick up for the rest of the week, and by the following Monday, I was extremely depressed. That Monday and Tuesday turned into the worse contractions that I’ve had so far. For two days I tried to lay in bed, since each time that I moved or got up I would have pains. I was finally feeling better on Wednesday, but decided to call my doctor to update her as to what I was feeling. She said that I should go straight to the hospital where they could run a few tests. That turned into an entire afternoon and evening of testing. However, it was worth it. At the end of it all I was visited by an Obstetrician and he told me that I wasn’t at risk for pre-term labour. What I was experiencing, although abnormal, must be normal for my body. He was confident that I should be able to carry the baby until its due date. What a relief! I felt like myself again, and no longer a failure. That was what I had needed to hear to snap out of my depression. 

32Weeks-1I think in almost every post leading up to this one, I would claim how I wish time would speed up. Now, I am thankful that he/she has remained inside of me for this long, and I only hope that I can stay pregnant as long as possible. This growing a baby thing is more difficult than it looks!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone.



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