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Sold1I am not sure what it is about this month, but sales in the store have skyrocketed recently. Last year at this time, Potomac Trading Post had been open for less than four months. January sales were probably the lowest that they had been all year. I thought that perhaps it was something that I was doing wrong, but it turns out that the first month of the year is usually the slowest for retail stores (given that customers are still recovering from Christmas). This year, January has proven to be a profitable month so far. So thank you, everyone! I could not have done it and would not be here without all of you.

HSSOLDPictured above are just a few items that have sold since Friday.

SoldDon’t forget to visit the store website for more clothing and antique options, or eBay to purchase them directly. We ship worldwide, and combine items!



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goodbye, gym

Gym OOTD - 1I am a gym goer. I have been for twelve years. Going for a workout is the only part of my day that I get to be selfish. It is there that I can tune out the world and concentrate on bettering myself both physically and mentally. It never fails to bring me out of a bad mood, and always guarantees to enable a good sleep at the end of the day. It has always been one of my favourite pastimes.

Gym OOTD - 2I was recently told at 30 weeks that I had to stop going to the gym. For the last five years of our marriage, it has served as many date nights, a shared interest, a ton of humorous conversations, a mood lifter, and an overall constant routine in our lives. Now, it will remain a thing of the past and not-so-distant-future. 

Gym OOTD - 3These photos were taken to commemorate my last visit to the gym, at nearly 7 months into my pregnancy. In fact, it was at the gym where I had discovered that we were going to have a baby! I had taken a pregnancy test in the bathroom stall, not thinking at all that it would be positive. After seeing the results, I cried and cried, sent a picture to my husband, called my mum and sister, then had a workout. I will never forget that, and find it quite funny today. 


So, goodbye friend. Until it is medically safe to meet again. (Above is my bump at 15 weeks. That was my first visit back after 11 weeks of morning sickness.)



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printed baby onesies : diy

Printed Baby Onesie DIYOne of the first DIYs that I just knew that I would be making since discovering those two blue lines was a printed onesie for our baby. Choosing trendy, gender neutral clothing is not always an easy task. I can envision what I want in my head, but the stores that I visit never seem to have quite what I am looking for. Buying plain onesies and turning them into my own printed design was the obvious solution. I also love drawing on fabric, and don’t have an excuse to do it often. 

Printed Onesie DIY - 4These are the materials that you will need:

Fabric marker(s)
Plain onesie(s)
Plain paper
Photo paper/cardboard

Printed Onesie DIY - 2Steps:

1. Using plain paper, draw up a few templates of a design that you like. Choose the one that you think will look best. Make a good copy onto a fresh sheet of plain paper. Cut it out and set it aside.

Printed Onesie DIY - 32. Trace your onesie onto either photo paper or a piece of cardboard. Remove, and cut out the outline of the onesie. (The fabric markers have a tendency to bleed through fabric, so this will prevent them from doing so.)

3. Place the photo paper or cardboard inside the onesie. Take the design template and place tape on the back. Tape the design to the onesie.

4. Now using the fabric marker(s), trace the print onto the onesie. Go slowly and carefully, since the fabric has a tendency to bunch. Once it has been traced, remove it.

Printed Onesie DIY - 55. Now fill in the outline of the print. Make sure not to touch the wet areas with your fingers, as the ink can easily be transferred.

Printed Onesie DIY - 96. Once that is done, set the onesie aside for 24 hours. After that time, you may either throw it into the dryer, or iron it to ensure that the ink sets completely.

Printed Onesie DIY - 77. The last step is to wash the onesie, since fabric markers leave a strong odour. Adding vinegar to the wash will help set the ink.

Printed Onesie DIY - 10This DIY was extremely fun to make. I now have several onesies set aside for our baby. My sister loved the results so much that she had me make some for her son as well. Honestly, it’s the type of project that is either totally practical for your own children, or would make a perfect gift for someone else’s. Try it out!



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kitchen makeover 2

Little Barn Cupboards - 2Remember this post? The one where I revealed to you that I was unhappy with our current arrangement of The Little Barn’s kitchen? Well, we finally did something about it! We removed the seating, added cabinets and a countertop, switched up the layout, and brought in a new table. The best part is that it hardly cost a thing!

IMG_0090Above is a before photograph. Yikes! Crowded!

Below, a breakdown of what went down.

IMG_2235First, we moved the church pew and picnic table outdoors. They now both comfortably reside on our massive deck. While we were planning and building our home, I was initially more concerned with seating as opposed to storage. I had envisioned TLB being a gathering place for family and friends. Upon moving in, that idea went out the window. While we still hosted a few get-togethers, we quickly found that storage should have trumped chairs. Sure we had crates, but they were more of a decorative feature for our better looking kitchen knickknacks. We then turned our broom closet into a pantry in this tutorial. Yet, it still wasn’t enough.

Months later and after viewing the IKEA catalogue, I decided to bite the bullet and finally install cabinets. Now came the daunting task of choosing them. Where to begin? For weeks I had searched the local classifieds and secondhand furniture stores looking for cupboards that I could turn into a project. Given that space was so limited and we didn’t need upper cabinets, it was not an easy task. In fact, it became fruitless.

Little Barn Cupboards - 7Next I turned to an online search of new cabinets. I found myself cringing at the prices and even the overall look of most of them. I thought that IKEA’s kitchen design would be the best fit in the end. However, I was so paranoid about ordering the wrong sizes that I ended up giving up. I thought that we would never find cabinets.

One day while I was visiting with my mum in her home, I saw a few cabinets just pushed off to one corner. I knew that she had recently custom-ordered them, and had used them for only a few months before taking them out and installing a second fridge. I asked her what she was going to do with them now. Her reply was that they were useless to her, and that we could have them. Yippee! Nice, free, and still being a project? This was music to my ears.

Little Barn Cupboards - 3What we gained were two upper and two lower cabinets. They had identical finishes and hardware, but were different heights and depths. I knew that this wouldn’t be a problem for my husband. With a lot of creativity, it wasn’t.

The only thing that we needed to purchase was a countertop. After much searching for both new and used, wood, granite, and laminate options, we both thought that a new, laminate top would be the smartest, best looking, and least costly choice. We quickly lined up the four uneven cabinets, grabbed measurements that made sense to us but not to the workers at the countertop place, and ordered a piece that we hoped would look great. We prayed that it would also fit, since they weren’t yet properly installed.

Little Barn Cupboards - 8We chose a grey countertop that we hoped would suit the trim of the cabinets. We decided to use reclaimed wood to keep with the theme of our home.

Our countertop arrived a few days later, just in time for the Christmas holidays. Over the next few days, and in between Geoff’s shifts, we moved furniture around (big mistake for me, since it brought on cramps and contractions for the rest of the day) and he got to work on our newest kitchen installation project. We kept the two bottom cabinets as end pieces, and put the two uppers in the middle. Because they were shorter than the bottoms, and much more shallow, the base that he built had to reflect these differences. He also had to saw the bottom of one cabinet since it was slightly uneven. These steps took the longest.

Little Barn Cupboards - 1After he completed the base, he carefully fit the cabinets onto it, and screwed them into place. The countertop was next. We removed it from the box and … it fit like a dream! That was screwed into position as well.

Little Barn Cupboards - 6Last but not least, it needed trim work. Geoff used one piece of reclaimed wood that he again had to intricately cut to amalgamate the different cabinet lengths. In the end, it fit into place so perfectly that he didn’t need any nails or screws. 

Little Barn Cupboards - 4Geoff also ended up building a table from scratch out of reclaimed and pallet wood. These photos will come later. At last, our new kitchen makeover was complete. Thanks to my parents for the cabinets, and Geoff’s for the wood, the only thing that we spent money on was the countertop. I would call this another successful project for The Little Barn.



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printing pictures

IMG_0340In preparation for the arrival of our little one, I’ve made it my priority to have a clean slate when it came to photography. What I mean by this is that I have 5 years of pictures stored on my computer that I have yet to print and place in albums. I can happily say that after a few weeks, and hundreds of dollars later, I am almost caught up!

IMG_0881Now when our baby comes, I will only have to worry about printing off new memories. These will obviously focus solely on him or her.

IMG_1275One repercussion of revisiting old photographs is that one becomes completely nostalgic for the past. I find myself wishing almost daily that we could visit USA once again. Until we do, here is a fresh collection at never-before-seen holiday pictures.

IMG_0733IMG_1236This has been quite the task. I cannot wait to be finished!

IMG_0681Tell me, what do you do with your digital photographs?



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