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Gender Prediction Test - 1

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Being that it is our first child, my husband and I were adamant that we would not find out the sex of our baby. However, this hasn’t stopped us from guessing what it could be all along. Nearly my entire family, as well as all of my friends, think that I am having a boy. My mum and husband are convinced that it will be a girl. Although I would be so thrilled to have a girl, I too feel as if I am carrying a boy. 

Necklace Test:

In the meantime, we have been conducting gender prediction tests that are based around old wives tales. The first one that we did was the necklace test. For this one, you simply need a necklace with a pendant or ring on the end of it. Then, you or your partner can swing it over your stomach. If it swings back and forth, your child will be a boy. If it swings in circles, it means that it’s a girl. Geoffrey and I tried this twice each. My results were boy, and his were girl. Inevitably, they were inconclusive.

Baking Soda Test:

The next test that I did was the baking soda test. In this one, you fill a cup or container with two tablespoons of baking soda. Then, you pee in it! If the mixture remains flat, then it’s a girl. If it fizzes, then it’s a boy. Mine fizzed.

Gender Prediction Test - 3

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Mayan System Test:

Lastly, there is the Mayan system test. If the mother’s age and the year the baby was conceived are both even or odd, then it will be a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, then it is a boy. I was 29 in 2015. The results: boy.

There are so many more tests that you can try at home. For more ideas, click here.

One week until my due date! In the end, only time will tell.

What gender do you think our baby will be?



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what to pack in a hospital bag

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 1Just like our diaper bag, figuring out what to pack in a hospital bag as newbie parents seemed like an overwhelming responsibility at first. After consulting many online lists, as well as my sister (don’t forget the snacks!), I think that we now have a pretty good idea as to what we will need. Here is what we will be taking to the hospital:

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 3My Bag

Birthing outfit
Bathing suit
Nursing bra
Breast pads
Cellphone charger
Hospital forms
Birth plan
Diagrams of various positions
Health card
Credit card
Going home outfit

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 6My Husband’s Bag

Going home outfit
Cellphone charger

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 4Baby Bag

Newborn outfit
Going home outfit
Diaper bag
Nursing pillow
Coat and hat


Ice cream pail
Car seat

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 2We are bringing a cooler and ice cream pail in order to transport my placenta. It has to be kept over ice until it can be encapsulated. As for our baby, we were given the same outfit that my husband went home in from the hospital just over 30 years ago. We plan to bring him/her home in it. Here’s hoping that it will fit!

What were some of the essentials that you needed at the hospital whilst in labour?



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photo of the day

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.39.27 AM“[My father] harboured a curious theory about how to develop a sense of beauty in the minds of his children. Every time my mother became pregnant, he would wait until the last three months of her pregnancy and then he would announce to her that ‘the glorious walks’ must begin. These glorious walks consisted of him taking her to places of great beauty in the countryside and walking with her for about an hour each day so that she could absorb the splendour of the surroundings. His theory was that if the eye of a pregnant woman was constantly observing the beauty of nature, this beauty would somehow become transmitted to the mind of the unborn baby within her womb and that baby would grow up to be a lover of beautiful things. This was the treatment that all of his children received before they were born.”

– Roald Dahl, Boy

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38 weeks

38 Weeks PregnantNot much longer! With my now weekly doctor appointments, it seems like my whole life is already revolving around baby. I love it.

IMG_3356At my 37 week check-up, I had quite a few tests done. My doctor had also requested that I have my fourth ultrasound to confirm that Poppy’s head was down. She and another doctor had tried to feel for the positioning of the baby, but they couldn’t be certain due to the location of my placenta. In the end, all is still well.

38 Weeks - 6My 38 week check-up was much more routine. Aside from some embarrassing hiccups, the heart rate was strong and they could even feel a little foot trying to push its way out. Only 1 week and 4 days remaining!



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Friends, only two more days until my favourite show returns!

Last year I had posted my excitement about the arrival of Season 4. In my opinion, the first few episodes were a bit slow but also very fitting with the changing nature of Lena Dunham’s character Hannah, and ultimate commentary on our generation. By the time the finale had rolled around, we had witnessed some relationships fall apart, as well as come together, and a baby being born! How appropriate for my current situation.

This will be the second last season of Girls. While most people detest both Lena Dunham and the show, many women of my era can wholly relate to what she represents. I, therefore, love her and it.

Tune in for the season premiere this Sunday on HBO!



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