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VintageDiaperBagI found that choosing a diaper bag was almost as complicated as choosing a crib or dresser. When I first commenced my search for one, I had no clue as to what I wanted. What I did not want was something feminine. I knew that it had to be masculine enough for my husband to also wear it and not complain for the following year or so. After several weeks of searching online, I finally came across a bag so fitting that I had to pinch myself. It was the Jungle Leather Nappy Bag.

91MDEzvvUeL._SL1500_Australian designed, this bag by OiOi was so gorgeous that I knew that nothing else could compare. Made of lambskin and antique gold hardware, I was almost salivating over the photos. Then I saw the cost. They are priced at $400.00 CAD. I sent a picture to my sister and she said to buy it now while we still have money. After days of contemplating purchasing the bag, I inevitably backed out. I could not justify spending more on a diaper bag than on a crib. Then came my brilliant idea. 

Vintage Diaper Bag - 8I think that the reason why I loved the bag so much was because it had reminded me of a similar one that my stepdad had given my husband and I. It was his vintage, leather messenger bag that he had once owned. My husband had since been using it to keep important documents, but it remained tucked away in storage for the last five years. After fishing it out of a box and giving it a quick wash, I was elated to finally have a diaper bag. One that was so unique and gender-neutral that we could both proudly wear it. Best of all, we saved hundreds of dollars.

Vintage Diaper Bag - 7Now that we finally had a diaper bag, it was time to fill it. Deciding on the contents as first-time parents was a feat in itself. After several trips to baby stores, and one to my sister’s home to raid her bag, we ultimately had the essentials figured out.

Vintage Diaper Bag - 3.1Here is what went in our diaper bag:

Vintage Diaper Bag - 1Onesie
Diaper cream
Baby wipes
Diaper sacks
Change pad
Burp cloth

Vintage Diaper Bag - 2Blanket
Nursing cover
Teether toy
Hand sanitizer
Breast pads

Vintage Diaper Bag - 6I know that we will be adding more once our baby comes into this world.

Vintage Diaper Bag - 5Was anyone else as picky about diaper bags as I was?



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  1. The beauty of hanging out with mummy friends is that their bags also have all of these supplies in, too. So you can borrow if you ever use up or forget something. Or if baby does 2 poos while you’re out ;) x


  2. I ditched the mummy bag in a week and now use a little day backpack. Hands free is the way to go! Xx


  3. aflook

     /  02/05/2016

    I had the same problem with a diaper bag! I wanted a really expensive one but couldn’t justify it. Love the one I bought for 200 less! The stroller killed me though haha


  4. i was so picky, i made my own! it was an easier way to ensure it wasn’t too cute or too feminine or too meh. and it didn’t look out of place when my husband carried it, either. i also ended up making a smaller clutch-style bag just big enough to hold diapes and wipes and changepad, for quick bum-change trips, walks, etc. your bag is perfect, and can be used for ages as you won’t tire of the style. and it’s great that is has a separate spot for keys, phone, lippy, because it will become your purse for a while, too :)

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  5. Diaper bags have sure changed in 30 years. I had two cloth bags. They were light and comfortable to carry, since they were always stuffed with more than I ever thought they would hold. Both were baby shower gifts and had my son’s name embroidered on the side of the bag.
    Best Wishes

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    • They sound beautiful. Did you hold onto them?


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      • They were very special. Unfortunately, I didn’t save them. There is one present I gave my son when he turned a year old that he saved. It’s a signed litho from an artist friend, who is now world famous. The beautiful framed print is in now hanging in my son’s home.

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  6. Helen Crooke

     /  02/03/2016

    I love your bag!! I was really picky too, and once I found one I liked nothing else would do! x

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    • Awe, good!

      It’s so hard to pick everything out, especially with pregnancy brain. I used to be the best decision maker ever. Now I cry whenever I have to make one, and tell my husband to just do it. I’m glad that we have 9 months to prepare for these things.



  7. Small but important detail, something you can easily clean because it is going to get very messy Emory-LOL

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  8. Hi I love this post, my thoughts were exactly the same (not feminine and so daddy can wear)! I wanted a stylish bag as well being I just had my first. It’s great that you found what worked for you! I will be tuning in *follows blog*

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  9. How exciting for you! I’m afraid I absolutely can’t be down with your choice of diaper bag… Ju-Ju-Be is the only company for me! Their bags are so pretty. It’s nice the bag has nice memories for you, though! I respect that xo

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    • I love how Ju-Ju-Be’s slogan is ‘Smart bags for smart people’. It’s as if people who don’t buy their bags are not very smart at all! Haha. They do have some great choices, though.

      I’ve come to realize that diaper bags are like clothing styles. What one person prefers may not appeal to another person in the slightest. That’s fine by me! The world would be a boring place without diversity.


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      • Diversity is the spice of life, for sure! I’m not sure Ju-Ju-Be ever thought of their catch phrase from that angle! The vintage leather look is definitely a classic and timeless option!


  10. We went through a similar experience but were focused on the bags at Babies R Us. I think we ended up with at least two bags, maybe three. One of which I think she still uses five years later for road trips. We overanalyzed everything with kid number one and bought everything imaginable. Then we had it all when the one arrived a couple years later. By then though, as a parent you’re just trying to survive so you cut to the chase with purchases and make due with what’s available or on hand. Your sister had a good point – anything you want, buy it now while you have the money. :) (seriously)

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    • We thought that Babies R Us would have a good selection. As well as West Coast Kids. To me, they all kind of looked the same, and the only leather bags looked like black purses.

      I’ve read that it’s a good idea to have at least two diaper bags. One for smaller trips, and one for longer trips. However, we live on an acreage, so I’m guessing that all of our trips into town will be longer ones!

      And yes, I totally get what you and my sister are saying about spending the money now. Yet, the thrifty girl inside of my is crying at the thought of spending $400 on a diaper bag. My purses don’t even cost that much, and I shop at Coach!

      Great comment, Chris!

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  11. I was not so much with my first baby, but totally am not with my second child in a way.
    With my first child, all I wanted was stylish bag, something to go with my crib (to look alike), but also something that looks like an ordinary bag..
    NOW all I want is a BIG BAG that can fill as many things as possible but that’s not heavy too :)

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    • Haha. I just hope that ours is big enough as well! I feel like we have everything that we need in it, but at the same time I’m guessing that diaper bags are kind of like purses in regards to the bigger they are, the more they fill up with random objects.

      Thanks for your comment. <3<3


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