36 weeks

36 weeks pregnant

Everything that I am wearing is available in the store. Dress : Suzy Shier // Necklace : Terrarium // Bracelet : J.Crew.

I am now at 36 weeks into my pregnancy. Here is an excerpt from What to Expect When You’re Expecting that summarizes exactly how I am feeling.

“Finally. The month you’ve been waiting for and working toward (and possibly, worrying about just a little bit) since that pregnancy test came back positive is here at last. Chances are you’re at once very ready (To hold that baby! To see my toes again! To sleep on my stomach!) and not ready at all. Yet despite the inevitable flurry of activity (more practitioner appointments, a layette to shop for, projects to finish at work, paint colours to pick for baby’s room), you may find that the ninth month seems like the longest month of all. Except, of course, if you don’t deliver by your due date. In that case, alas, it’s the tenth month that’s the longest.”

I find myself talking to my baby more and more, mostly about how I wish that he/she would come out already. I did not really start feeling pregnant until the beginning of last month. From struggling to breathe, to painful heartburn, to sore hips, to the lack of sleep, to a heavy belly, to that metallic taste, to people finally recognizing that I am pregnant, I am now “over” feeling this way. The hardest part is seeing the crib, swing, change table, and more set up and ready to go, but not having anyone to put in it just yet. I want to meet little Poppy so badly, but also know that I should cherish my remaining days of freedom. I am enjoying spending that one night a week alone with my husband to do as we please. Oh, how our lives are about to change!

Get ready, everyone. I know that I am.



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  1. <3 so exciting and getting so close!!


  2. Jord K

     /  02/10/2016

    Hey Em,

    You are looking great! You are so very close now to finally meeting that little bundle that has been growing inside you; a day which will mark your life forever.

    All the best over the coming weeks and take care of yourself. Your life as a mother is set to commence and it is a role in which I know you will excel.



  3. Yes, this. I went from basically forgetting that I was pregnant to being so totally “done” with it in like less than a week. Now instead of the ‘Awww’ look, I get the pity look at work when I walk down the hall; I try SO hard not to waddle in front of people but omfg this shit huuuurts. #AlmostThere! 😘


  4. Such an exciting, time it must be so hard not to be simultaneously impatient and also feel totally not ready at all! Looking fabulous


  5. So excited for you!


  6. Whoa baby! You are heavily pregnant!

    Take extra good care of yourself baby girl. Watch the ice out there. Take tiny baby steps and didn’t I leave my walking stick behind from Mexico? If so, use it.

    I am so gonna skype you this week I wanna see my little sunny

    Love my Emma and her baby

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    • I’ve really ballooned over the last month. It doesn’t help that for the first time in this pregnancy I’m CONSTANTLY hungry! I didn’t feel that way until month 7. Now I snack all day long.

      We’ll FaceTime on Wednesday. That is, if my chubby cheeks will fit onto the screen!

      Don’t fall off of your mountain, Maria.

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  7. Ha-you have no idea what a change is about to happen Emory!

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  8. Soooo excited for you!!!

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  9. gjkool

     /  02/08/2016

    Yep, change is soon upon us:) I can’t wait to see little Pops for sure! I know I’m being naive and only focusing on the fun aspects (playing, teaching little one, watching Pops grow) and dismissing the challenges (no sleep, potty training, temper tantrums) but I don’t care! :) Yay!! We can do it!!

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    • That’s ok if you’re naive. I am too. We’ll stay that way until reality hits us, and then we’ll change to deal with it then. For now, this baby is bringing so much goodness into our lives.



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