what to pack in a hospital bag

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 1Just like our diaper bag, figuring out what to pack in a hospital bag as newbie parents seemed like an overwhelming responsibility at first. After consulting many online lists, as well as my sister (don’t forget the snacks!), I think that we now have a pretty good idea as to what we will need. Here is what we will be taking to the hospital:

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 3My Bag

Birthing outfit
Bathing suit
Nursing bra
Breast pads
Cellphone charger
Hospital forms
Birth plan
Diagrams of various positions
Health card
Credit card
Going home outfit

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 6My Husband’s Bag

Going home outfit
Cellphone charger

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 4Baby Bag

Newborn outfit
Going home outfit
Diaper bag
Nursing pillow
Coat and hat


Ice cream pail
Car seat

What to Pack in a Hospital Bag - 2We are bringing a cooler and ice cream pail in order to transport my placenta. It has to be kept over ice until it can be encapsulated. As for our baby, we were given the same outfit that my husband went home in from the hospital just over 30 years ago. We plan to bring him/her home in it. Here’s hoping that it will fit!

What were some of the essentials that you needed at the hospital whilst in labour?



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  1. Hey Emory! I had a gorgeous home water birth and there is one glaringly obvious omission from your list for yourself… you need to take along a whole pack of maternity pads or adult nappies with you. Sounds weird, I know- but when you give birth and once the placenta has also been passed, the place on your uterus where your placenta was attached bleeds A LOT! You will soak through a bunch- especially directly after the birth and on your first visit to the toilet, afterwards! Just thought you should know. It only takes about 24hrs for the worst of the bleeding to alleviate back to normal ‘period levels’. But trust me on this- go out and buy the biggest pads and adult naps you can find! Good luck!!! xo


  2. I was puzzled over putting the placenta on ice and amazed you can take it with you at discharge. I don’t think that’s even possible in the U.S. Then I googled placenta encapsulation. ! Seems a bit unconventional, even somewhat canibalistic, but I’ll be curious to see your future postings. Best wishes!


  3. Can I suggest shower items. It felt SO good to take a hot shower with my own shampoo and soap post birth. Plus your body will be sore from that marathon workout so a hot shower is the least you can do for yourself!! :) Oh an some basic makeup. Its nice to feel like yourself postpartum!


  4. Katrin

     /  02/24/2016

    My little girl just turned 3 months old now, so my feels are with you :)
    You’ve got a good list, but I doubt, that you will find the time to read the magazines ;) I had some audio books and podcasts with me, which kept me awake during the hours of breastfeeding (I always need both hands).

    I wish you all the best and sleep, while you can!

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    • I know! That’s why the magazines are in HIS bag. ;-) I keep reading to bring games and movies because labour can be long and boring. Boring?! I think that I’ll be in too much pain to be bored.

      Audio books do bring me a sense of peace though, so I think that I might bring one or two to play in the background. Thank you for the suggestion, and for your comment!

      Also, I’m trying to get those naps in, but only being a week away from my due date, I’m trying to stay busy and active. I was on my feet for most of the day yesterday that by the end of the day, my legs were so swollen I couldn’t get my boots on. My sister called me Big Momma. C’mon baby!



  5. Good luck with the baby! :D

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  6. aflook

     /  02/24/2016

    Ironically I packed sooooo much and ended up not using any of it except the baby clothes! My labor was so fast I had no time or energy to put on the clothes I brought and stayed in the hospital maternity panties the whole time I was in the hospital! Haha will be packing much lighter next time round! Best of luck darling

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  7. gjkool

     /  02/24/2016

    I feel like we need more items? No? Those are the essentials I suppose :)

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