2 months

Remy 2 Months - 3Remy 2 Months - 4 Today Remy is 2 months old. She is such an alert and serious little girl. She smiles whenever mum or dad are near. When we talk to her, she babbles back to us. Her favourite words are “goo” and “ha”. She sleeps for 12 hours every night, waking every few hours to eat. She loves her play mat and her change pad. She loves baths, but hates getting dressed afterwards. She reaches for things to grab and has such a strong grip. She only has one dimple. She wakes up each morning in the best mood. She follows people as they walk around the room. We call her our watchdog. She enjoys car rides and walks. When she doesn’t get what she wants, she lets out a scream. She loves to eat. She hates to nap. Most of all, she is beautiful, and she is ours.

Remy 2 Months - 2Happy 2 month birthday, darling!



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  1. So adorable! Her eyes is so beautiful!!

  2. She is adorable and reminds me of my little one when she was this age. They grow up so soon. I feel like she was born just yesterday and you posted about it moments ago. :)

    • They do grow quickly! Though, on their fussy days, it seems like they’re not growing fast enough.

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it.


  3. What a precious little doll. Happy 2 month birthday.
    Shine On

  4. she is beautiful Emory:)

  5. She’s beautiful!

  6. Beautiful!!

  7. I love hearing you call her darling

  8. Just lovely Emory-so happy for you both! Cheryl x

  9. Sounds like you’re all doing well. Congrats. First two months are tough learning the ropes. Sleeping is a huge win.

    • It was really tough going from none to one. I still feel as if I don’t know what I’m doing, and after I figure something out, my first thought is “why didn’t I try this sooner?” However, I’ve been loving the journey.

      I think, though, it’s the beginning of many years of self-doubt as a parent!

      Thanks for the comment, Chris!

  10. She’s seriously so adorable!!

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