how to : get our baby to sleep

I must admit that prior to having a child, I thought that all babies would drift off to dreamland on their own. Was I ever mistaken. While sometimes this does happen, generally when it comes to her naps and bedtime, we can usually be found rocking and shushing her to sleep. Yet, this is not always enough. Cue the sounds.

Sam Smith

It was definitely trial and error when finding something to play that would lull Remy to sleep. Let’s start with vehicle music. I ended up trying every genre before finally settling on one. I thought maybe she would like oldies like her mum. Nope. Upbeat radio music. Nope. Hip hop? Definitely not. Heavy metal? Worse. Finally, it was by accident that I was listening to Sam Smith and she became a quiet baby once again. I’m not sure if it’s his voice or the piano, but every time that she hears his songs she falls asleep. That’s fine by me since I also love his music.

Womb Noises

Now let’s discuss naps and bedtime. Until she was five weeks old, nothing I tried would get her to fall asleep. For the first few weeks I constantly played lullabies for her. Yet, I found myself crying over them more than she was. Then it was white noise. She didn’t care for that either. A whirring fan? Nothing. Vacuum cleaner? She would stop crying but it didn’t make her tired. Then while scrolling through YouTube one day I clicked on noises of the womb. I’m not lying when I say that her eyes instantly closed and she fell asleep within minutes. I couldn’t believe it. Now it’s all that we play for her. It’s an incredible thing to see, and also makes me very sad. Perhaps she misses being in my uterus.

While every baby will be different, this is what Remy prefers. Do you have any good suggestions that we can add to our list?



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  1. alexietyler

     /  04/30/2016

    That is the exact same sound we use for hudson! With the heartbeat. It works like a charm!!

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  2. Sadly, Ewan the sheep and his womb noises didn’t work for us – Reindeer only wants to wrestle him. Crazy as it sounds, singing 10 green bottles while walking our son up and down the stairs three or four times worked amazingly well. Probably a combination of the mind-numbingly-repetitive verses and the gentle rocking going up and down

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  3. Ah, womb noises…why haven’t I thought of that? Thank you! So far I’ve been singing, singing, and then singing my little one to sleep. I wonder if it will still work for a three month old… Earlier on he was a good sleeper, but now, in the last month and half it has become quite a production to get him to sleep.

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    • I hope that it works! Ours is 10 weeks and it still works on her. Although now she only likes to sleep on me at night, and nowhere else …



  4. Hi Emory I had to chuckle to myself with the first you feel you need to tip toe around while they sleep-after the next one you just make regular noises and they still sleep. It’ll change the minute you think you have it figured out! LOL

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  • Hello! My name is Emory. I am a wife, mother of four (three on earth in heaven). This is our life on the Canadian prairies.

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