3 months

Remy 3 Months - 2Yesterday Remy turned 3 months old. She has grown so much from last month. These are her recent milestones.

– She loves books and will let us read to her for hours on end 
– Still sleeps 12 hours and only wakes up once or twice to feed
– Has discovered and loves chewing on her hands
– Sticks out her tongue when we stick out ours
– Can hold her head up for long periods of time and now sits in a Bumbo chair
– Reaches for, grabs, and holds onto her toys
– Has discovered her toes
– Loves napping on mum or dad 
– Tries to pull herself up
– Smiles and talks all day long (when she’s not feeding)

Remy 3 Months - 9I wonder how she will change yet again in one month’s time. I hope it won’t be too drastic. She’s so serious, but so silly at the same time. I look forward to spending my days with her, as she makes me laugh all day long. I really love the little person that she is now. Happy 3 months, my love!



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blankets and babies

Holly's Quilt - 5People have asked me in the past why I have a blog. If nothing else, it has been a great way to meet new and amazing people.

Holly's Quilt - 3In 2014 I wrote about how we could all use a good friend in our lives. The person that I was referring to was Holly from Noisette. She has been such a sweet and genuine presence in my life, albeit in an online and snail mail kind of way. Now, she has even reached out to little Remy! For that, I am so grateful.

Holly's Quilt - 9Holly's Quilt - 7We recently received this beautiful quilt in the mail from Holly. Every square inch of it is just so beautiful. From the colours to the prints, I am in love with every square inch of it. The back of the quilt even has the most whimsical rabbit pattern. Remy’s favourite toys so far have been her plush bunny toys. How she nailed both of our tastes so exquisitely I’ll never know. But it’s absolutely perfect.

Holly's Quilt - 4This is the first quilt that we’ve gotten as a gift. Remy has received the cutest supply of hand sewn blankets from her grandma, swaddling blankets from her Gigi, used blankets from her real aunt and cousins, and a crocheted blanket from her not-so-real aunt (my friend). They are, by far, my favourite gift to receive on her behalf. We always end up using several of them throughout the day. Also, who wouldn’t want to be kept warm and snuggly? I find them to be such a wonderful baby present.

Holly's Quilt - 8Happy Victoria Day, Canadians! Have a magnificent week, everyone. I’ll see you again on Thursday.



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harlee’s closet : maxi dress

Harlee's Closet OOTD - 5Today’s lovely outfit post is actually nearly three months overdue. It was originally going to be posted on my due date, with a mention of me taking a break for awhile to await the arrival of my baby. But because I delivered our daughter early, this OOTD post never came to light. Until now, that is.

Harlee's Closet OOTD - 12

Harlee’s Closet is an online store that I follow on Instagram. Their vibe is so hippie, in the chicest way imaginable. When I was eight months pregnant, I was still wearing my regular clothes. My go-to look at the time included maxi dresses, chunky boots, and cute toques. So I ended up ordering two dresses from Harlee’s Closet. This grey dress was one of them, and I lived in it, and this floral crop top until Remy arrived.

Harlee's Closet OOTD - 3Although the weather has warmed up forty degrees, I couldn’t resist blogging about one of my favourite maxi dresses to date. The fabric is so soft, and it is the perfect shade of grey to hide all postpartum flaws. It was also in immaculate condition. It now reminds me of being pregnant, and for that, I will always cherish it. 

Harlee's Closet OOTD - 15Be sure to visit their website! Have the most wonderful weekend!



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yards and yards of gravel

The Little Barn Gravel - 3Hey guys! Well, we finally did it. After a year and a half we took the plunge and ordered gravel for The Little Barn’s driveway. Above is a photograph of how the house looked before the gravel.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetGeoffrey ended up spreading all eight yards of gravel with merely a shovel and well into a few evenings. This was taken while he was distributing it.

The Little Barn Gravel - 1Now our home no longer looks like it’s been neglected. All we need now is an address sign and fence. Baby steps.



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infant acid reflux : symptoms and natural remedies

AcidRefluxRemediesWhen Remy was five weeks old, she had developed a congested sound at the back of her throat. It mostly flared up at night and after feedings, but it was definitely always there. I took her in to see the doctor like any concerned parent would do. After her checkup, I was reassured that she was healthy. The doctor thought that the sound might have been due to burps that did not make their way up, and told me to not breastfeed her while laying next to her anymore. That was the only way that we were getting any sleep at night, but if it meant that those horrible sounds would go away, I agreed to do it.

Less than a week later we were back at the doctor’s office. Even though I did what I was told, the sound had worsened. Now Remy was coughing and sneezing every half hour, and she had thrown up the previous night. I thought for sure that she had a cold, or worse. Again our regular doctor was away, so we were sent to yet another physician. This time I was given a proper diagnosis. Infant acid reflux. 

This new doctor prescribed Ranitidine and said to come back within a week if I didn’t see improvements. Remy started to sound better within days. However, she was still crying and fighting the breast whenever I tried to feed her. By the end of the day, she flat out refused to eat. Crying and extremely worried myself, my husband and I spent hours looking up natural remedies for acid reflux. We immediately adopted most of the suggestions that we could find. Now, at 11 weeks old, Remy is doing much better. She rarely cries when she eats, her coughing and congestion sounds went away completely, she sneezes much less, and her appetite has returned. Although these natural tips mean us being much more concerned and watchful parents, she’s a much happier baby in general. For that, I would do them for the rest of her life.

Acid Reflux Remedies - 6These were Remy’s symptoms:

– dry cough
– congested throat sounds

– sneezing
– frequent hiccuping
– crying/fighting the breast/bottle
– vomiting

Here is a list of natural remedies that we used in order to alleviate her acid reflux:

– make her wear a Hazelwood Necklace at all times
– keep her upright during feeding (I prop her up against a pillow and have her face me)

– feed her more often and for shorter periods of time
– keep her upright for 20-30 minutes after feeding
– ensure that her head is higher than her body while sleeping (we swaddle her and put her in her glider at night)
– rub coconut oil on her belly in a clockwise direction several times a day
– do bicycle legs on her often throughout the day (this relieves much gas)

– eliminate all caffeine and dairy from my diet
put her on a daily probiotic (this had the most positive results)

Acid Reflux Remedies - 1There are still a few more remedies that we haven’t yet tried, such as visiting a newborn chiropractor. So far, these natural implementations in addition to her medicine, seem to have worked wonders. Thank goodness!



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