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BABYWEARING-3Before becoming a mum, I had a mental list of things that I swore I would not do once our baby came along. That of course went out the window, and I now do 95% of them. The first one was co-sleeping. Another was wearing a wrap or sling. The latter is precisely what today’s post is all about.

BABY WEARING - 0My sister had gifted me her Moby Wrap towards the end of my pregnancy. I thanked her, then tucked it away in my closet. I secretly thought that all wraps were for neo-hippie parents. My husband and I are just the opposite. So, a short while after receiving the wrap, we went and purchased a baby carrier instead. That was more our style.

BABY WEARING - 1Remy was two weeks old when I published something on Instagram along the lines of asking for advice to soothe her during her evening fussy periods. In every single comment I had a mother telling me to simply wear her around the house. That evening I stuck her in the baby carrier. She didn’t like it at all, and I didn’t like how she fit into it. She was so tiny and so low on my body. So I threw that suggestion out the window.

BABY WEARING - 2It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I turned to Geoffrey and told him that I was going to try wearing her again, but this time in the wrap. I pulled it out of the closet, quickly watched a video on how to put it on, and placed her in it. She stopped crying within minutes, and fell into a deep sleep. I was astonished, relieved, and humbled. Clearly, in my bid to go against all things crunchy, I forgot to take into consideration the most important thing, my daughter. I personally did not want to wear a wrap because everyone does it. I never thought that the reason behind their popularity is because they work. It’s what the baby needs to feel snug and secure. Suffice it to say that I have been converted. I’m even looking into purchasing a sling.

I never thought that baby wearing would be such a life saver. Now I look forward to our daily wearing sessions.



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  1. If you’re looking for a ring sling, check out Sakura Bloom, they’re a little pricey. But magical! My babe loves it, and falls asleep immediately in it!!

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  2. Alicia

     /  05/16/2016

    I was a big fan of the ergo carrier (with newborn insert) with our first child, and now with the second, I added a wrap and a sling. It makes total sense to me that a baby wants to be as close to their mom as possible :-)


  3. sharnleeee

     /  05/08/2016

    Oh gosh I do this all the time! I always say I’ll never do something and then, a few months later, I am the biggest hypocrite! It’s all a learning process :-) I don’t have any children (yet) but am fascinated with co-sleeping! Have you considered doing a post on that? X


  4. Lots of things I never imagined doing, simply because I never really thought about it before, I do now because it suits my little man and that’s all that matters. Like co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding and more. I also have a baby carrier and I love it so much, so does Babel. But when he was littler (probably before 4-5 months) it didn’t work well, he was too small even with the infant insert. I used a friend’s wrap instead, which I loved as well. Once he got bigger the Ergo Carrier was the better fit. I love baby wearing, so nice and snug. It always calms Babel down and it’s a great place for him to sleep.


  5. Never say never….;)

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  6. love it!! I have a Boba wrap, which is very similar, and loved to wrap my daughter in it in her newborn stage. It took a while for me, but I realized I was a much crunchier mama than I originally thought, too ;)

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  7. I felt that way about so many things do. My son is two and we are still Co sleeping.

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    • Oh I think that I’ll be that way as well! Not only are we co-sleeping, sometimes she sleeps on my chest, and I sleep sitting upright. She’s never even used her crib … Haha.


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      • ha ha …. I can count the number of times our son has slept in the his crib. Anyway they grow do fast. Let’s enjoy this time. Happy Mothers Day.


  8. We went through exactly the same thought process about not wanting to bandwagon. Now, at 9 months, we don’t even use a buggy as he’s still so happy in the wrap!

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  9. Sometimes trendy is best Emory-always be willing to try!

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  10. cultivatingbaby

     /  05/05/2016

    We used to say that our Ergo had magic sleep dust in it. When he got fussy we’d pronounce ‘Ergo time!’ and within minutes (sometimes seconds) he’d be fast asleep.

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  11. It’s so true about parenting that until you actually do it, you just have no idea. I felt that way about a lot of things. Loved the wrap! You can actually get things done!

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    • I was considering writing a blog post about everything that I said that I wouldn’t do, and now do it. And I’m only 2 months into motherhood! I can’t imagine how many times I will contradict myself over her entire lifetime!


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